Research Stay with Alan Turing Institute

Plan your research stay through the Enrichment Scheme at one of the top AI research institutes in the world

The Alan Turing Institute is the national institute for data science and artificial intelligence, with headquarters at the British Library. 

About The Turing Institute:

  • Research  - endeavors to answer the biggest questions in science, society and the economy
  • Collaborates -  with universities, businesses and public sector organizations
  • Trains  the leaders of the future
  • Leads  the public conversation through public engagement and expert technical advice  

Recently we have signed a MoU with the Turing Institute to work closely to foster research cooperation. 

Aln Turing and NORA signed MoU to cooperate


London Alan Turing Institute

We at NORA are collaborating with the Alan Turing Institute, UK to support two researchers from Norway to stay for six months at the institute every year under the Enrichment Scheme offered by the Alan Turing Institute.

This research exchange is with the objective of giving Norwegian researchers exposure to a world class AI environment and improve collaboration between UK and Norway. 

About the Enrichment Scheme: 

Exciting opportunity to:

  • to  enhance  doctoral  research 
  • explore  new methodologies,  collaborations , research independence
  • a chance to work with the UK's brightest minds in AI

What is available to you do while your stay at the Enrichment Scheme?


  • Live Synchronous Courses: 5-10 day workshops focused on specific subjects
  • Self-paced Online Courses: Flagship courses delivered by the Turing research community
  • Peer-mentoring programs
  • Seminars / Workshops: half a day to 2 days, both introductory and advanced level workshops on a wide variety of topics
  • Weekly Academic Mentorship Scheme

Data Study Groups

  • Collaborative data driven group work
  • 5 days
  • PhD Students and researchers
  • Several times a year

Who is eligible to apply?

This exchange is for (early to mid stage) PhDs with a working contract at one of the NORA partners at the time of the exchange.


How will NORA support your stay?

NORA would financially support your stay upto 50,000 NOK per student during the enrichment scheme. In addition NORA would also be covering the cost towards your position at the Turing Institute, which will be directly paid to the Turing Institute. 

How do I apply? 

The application will pass two steps: First, the NORA office will shortlist your application, then Alan Turing Institute will confirm your participation.

Submit your application here: 

Last date to submit your application: 30 June 2022

Join us for an Info Session (using zoom) on 7th June, 1:30 - 2:30 PM and interact with the Turing Enrichment Scheme Team.  Meeting link here: Info Session

What is the timeline?

  • End of May 2022: Call Opens
  • June 7 2022: Online Presentation about Enrichment Scheme for interested NORA candidates
  • 30 June 2022: Call closes (NORA)
  • 8 July 2022: Internal review and shortlist by NORA 
  • Summer Break: Contract formalities with Alan Turing Institute
  • Mid October 2022: Online access for candidates
  • Mid January 2023: 6 month placement start

For any questions on this exchange please contact, Sachin Gaur from NORA´s office.

Supplementary Information

A. Information linked with accommodation 

B. General information linked with the Enrichment Scheme

C. Frequently Asked Questions on the Enrichment Scheme

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