Courses: Call for Application

First CALL For Intensive Courses for NORA AI Research School


Norwegian AI Research Consortium (NORA) has been granted a National AI Research School for an 8 year period 2022-2029. Under the research school activities various intensive courses would be funded as standalone and part of the summer / winter schools. 

NORA would support you in the outreach and also can support in practical aspects linked to organizing the course if it is planned along side with the Summer / Winter school. 

More info on the Research School here:


With this application you can apply for funding and outreach support to NORA. We will support upto 3 courses every year depending on the proposals and funds available with a funding upto 50K NOK for each course.

Course organizers are encouraged to seek additional funding from other sources. 

Selection Criteria 

  1. Academic CV of the lecturer
  2. Teaching methodology (Didactic methods used / level of interactivity etc)
  3. Topic of the course (Is it covering a gap area in AI education)
  4. Accessibility of the course (Digital or Physical or Hybrid / Short or Long Duration, Connectivity of the location)

Thematic areas for 2022 

(below list is indicative and not definitive) 

  • Machine Learning in Practice: Machine Learning Lifecycle 
  • Deep Learning Methods: Self Supervised Learning / Transformers / GANs)
  • Human Centered AI (Ethics of AI, Machine Ethics)
  • Reinforcement Learning 
  • Basic Introduction of AI for researchers


Call Open: 3 June 2022

Call Closes: 31 Aug 2022

Result Announcement for 2023 period: 1Oct 2022

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