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NORA webinar: New advances in deep learning with applications in the monitoring of power lines

Speaker: Robert Jenssen

About the webinar: This talk describes novel deep learning methodological research conducted at the UiT Machine Learning Group in collaboration with the company eSmart Systems.

Date: 8th May 2020

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NORA webinar: Recent advances in Tsetlin machines

Speaker: Ole-Christoffer Granmo

About the webinar: Tsetlin machines (TMs) are a new approach to machine learning that is founded on the Tsetlin Automaton by M. L. Tsetlin, a pioneering solution to the multi-armed bandit problem. TMs use frequent pattern mining and resource allocation principles to extract common patterns in the data, rather than relying on minimizing output error, which is prone to overfitting.

Date: 15th May 2020

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NORA webinar: Learning Description Logic Ontologies

Speaker: Ana Ozaki

About the webinar: Description logic ontologies have been used to represent the relevant knowledge of a domain of interest in a formal and machine-processable format. Such knowledge can be applied to constrain the space of hypotheses in learning tasks, to integrate data coming from multiple sources, to support query answering, among others. Understanding how to describe domain knowledge in a concise and interpretable way is a fundamental challenge in artificial intelligence.

Date: 29th May 2020

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NORA webinar: The Norwegian Model of Covid-19: A spatial modelling of the early phase epidemics

Speaker: Arnoldo Frigessi

About the webinar: In this webinar, Frigessi talks about the stochastic spatial model which Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI/NIPH) has developed and runs for situational awareness and forecasting, with focus on the value of small and big data and uncertainty quantification. Frigessi will tell about how BigInsight - a center for research-based innovation headed by him, was ready to contribute to preparedness and management of the crises.

Date: 5th June 2020

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NORA webinar: Bio-inspired Vision - Taking smart cameras to the next level

Speaker: Nabil Belbachir

About the webinar: In this talk, Belbachir will present background information on bio-inspired vision with examples of his research in tackling artificial vision in 2D, 3D, 4D and 3D 360° panoramic vision with few application scenarios.

Date: 12th June 2020

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NORA webinar: An approach to autonomous drilling: on the importance of balancing performance with risk management and data availability and quality

Speaker: Rodica Mihai

About the webinar: In this talk, Mihai will present an approach to balance drilling performance with risk management and data availability and quality. The implementation of this approach is an integrated part in the demonstration of proof of concept for autonomous drilling in OpenLab, NORCE’s own lab facility that includes an advanced drilling simulator.

Date: 28th August 2020

Watch the webinar: Video not available, please contact Rodica Mihai for further information.

NORA webinar: What Kinds of Knowledge Can AI Provide? The Epistemology of AI and Machine Vision 

Speaker: Jill Walker Rettberg

About the webinar: AI and machine learning have amazing potential across many fields, but they also represent a fundamentally new way of building knowledge. We have seen that there are pitfalls: there are many examples of AI being easily fooled, or making unexpected mistakes, or producing biased or discriminatory results. In this webinar Jill Walker Rettberg will show us examples of these failures of AI and machine learning. She will present different levels at which machine learning can fail, looking at datasets, proxies, objectives and more.

Date: 11th September 2020

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NORA webinar: Artificial intelligence in healthcare - a Norwegian gold mine? 

Speaker: Klas H. Pettersen

About the webinar: In this talk Klas will present parts of his own research within the field of medicine and neuroscience and he will present his thoughts on “deep medicine”, on how artificial intelligence can improve diagnosis, treatment and healthcare in general. Klas strongly believe that Norway could become a leading European nation within applied AI in healthcare, and he will present an ambitious NORA initiative to support this.

Date: 25th September 2020

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NORA webinar: NORA.startup kick-off

Speakers: Several

About the webinar: Reaching another milestone for NORA, the ambitious NORA.startup initiative was officially launched through a digital kick-off on 29th September. NORA.startup will be a gateway to greater cooperation between academia, incubators and startup companies in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics. Watch the entire kick-off here.

Date: 29th September 2020

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NORA webinar: NORA.startup webinar #1: On how to acquire funding

Speaker: Several

About the webinar: NORA.startup kicks off the bi-weekly webinar series with a focus on how to acquire funding. We will discuss ways startup and scaleup companies in research collaborations can apply for, and successfully obtain, financial support.

Date: 16th October 2020

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