NORA.startup recognised as an entrepreneurial ecosystem for AI and innovation

NORA.startup has been recognised as an entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem by Innovation Norway! This is an important milestone for NORA.startup and will further strengthen NORA’s work towards supporting Norwegian startups specialising in developing solutions, products and services based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics, with a high focus on research based innovation. 

NORA.startup is NORA’s innovation network, established in 2020. Through cooperation between academia, incubators and start-up companies NORA.startup is building a national innovation network for research-based innovation. NORA.startup works to build a knowledge-based innovation arena that facilitates networking and collaboration opportunities across the research and the startup community in Norway within artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics.

- Only 23 out of 105 applications were approved and NORA.startup was one of them. We are proud to be recognized as an entrepreneurial ecosystem for innovation. This is a culmination of several year’s hard work by the NORA.startup team, says NORA’ CEOs Klas H. Pettersen. 

The call for funding from Innovation Norway focused on cooperation between the actors in the ecosystem, stating that grants alone would not be enough to properly nurture budding enterprises. Innovation Norway emphasised in their call that to thrive and survive, startups need private capital, access to talented people, research, networks and customers. In other words, startups need a supportive ecosystem where they can grow organically. According to Innovation Norway, an innovation ecosystem “is important to stimulate entrepreneurship, but also to ensure entrepreneurial companies' access to expertise, networks and capital”. 

Since its start, NORA.startup has worked to fill a gap in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Norway with great success. NORA.startup has been able to connect start-up companies, researchers, scholars, business sector, investors and clusters within the field of AI. As NORAs innovation network, NORA.startup strives to be a part of the greater innovative ecosystem in Norway. Not only does NORA.startup support and encourage startups to advance and prosper in a challenging field, but we seek to prove that there can be healthy and beneficial communication and collaboration between academia and startups that can greatly contribute to the accelerated use of AI, ML and robotics in Norway. 

The funding will further enhance NORA.startup’s ability to provide greater benefits and support to our members. Innovation Norway’s recognition also furthers NORA.startup’s ambition to become a driving force for greater collaboration and cooperation between academia, industry, incubators and startups in the field of AI, ML and robotics. The recognition from Innovation Norway will strengthen NORA.startup's position towards achieving its goal of becoming a nationwide knowledge and research-based innovation network working to further build bridges between the research and startup environments within the mentioned fields, that will help secure Norway’s green and sustainable future.

We would also like to congratulate our friends and partners Simula Research Laboratory, Media City Bergen, and StartupLab for being recognised alongside NORA.startup. We look forward to our continued collaboration with Innovation Norway, and we are excited to learn from and build strong connections to the other recognised actors!

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Written by Elias Strand

Publisert 28. juni 2021 09:01 - Sist endret 2. juli 2021 01:24