NORA.startup Membership Survey 2022

We want to hear from you!

NORA.startup is rapidly growing, both in members and activities. While corona put a damper on planned activities, we are now moving into a new period where we wish to improve as an organisation. In addition to our ambitions, we have also been acknowledged by Innovation Norway as a vital part of the entrepreneurial Innovation Ecosystem in Norway - an important recognition for us all!

We want to continue in our mission to support our members, both researchers, students and startups, by providing competence, resources, events and activities, which will strengthen your drive and help you thrive. We kindly ask you to set aside a few minutes to complete this survey - the more you write, the more we will have to go on!

Don't be shy - you are welcome to give credit where credit is due, but don't worry about giving criticism, comments or suggestions as to how NORA.startup should continue in our work after the summer! We sincerely thank you for your membership, and for your time!

If there are any comments you would like to provide outside the survey, please do not hesitate to send an email to .

Best wishes, The NORA.startup Steering Group


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Publisert 26. aug. 2022 11:58 - Sist endret 26. aug. 2022 11:58