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Bineric is a data labelling company based in Oslo. They help various A.I companies succeed by labelling and cleaning their data sets. Their product is a combination of human data labellers and a data labelling platform.

Bineric has employed around 250 data labellers who have labelled approx 80 million images (use cases include driverless cars data labelling and video based data labelling tasks).

These data labellers are well trained and Bineric guarantees a high level of work quality output with the accuracy of labelled data as high as 97%. This kind of quality is extremely important when it comes to improving the performance of a machine learning model. Bineric strictly follows all data and privacy regulations. All the work is done on the clients cloud environment thereby ensuring that the data never leaves clients premises.

Around 30% of the workforce hired by Bineric are people who have been discriminated in the society (due to various factors, e.g age, gender, sexual orientation, relegious beliefs, dissability, lack of education etc etc). Bineric is contributing back to the society by providing job opportunities to these people and thereby increasing their livelihood.

If you choose to label your data sets through Bineric, you will be contributing to social good for society.


Bineric has group of co-founders who are based around the world. Their CFO is a graduate from INSEAD, France and she is based in Belgium; Their CFO is a graduate from LBS,London; Their investment advisor works as the Head of investment banking in ANB invest and their CTO is a professor of A.I at OsloMet and also the head of data science at Ruter.

Their Journey:

Many people lost their jobs during covid and it was very hard for certain kind of workers (blue collar, uneducated, unemployed, disabled etc) to find a safe job behind a computer or on the phone.  They wanted to fix this inequality and set out to increase the livelihood of people around the world by offering them data labelling jobs through their platform from the comfort of peoples homes.

The idea was a success and they started generating revenue after 6 months of launch. Their list of clients include several AI companies based in Norway and Germany.

For more information, please visit: or get in touch with their CTO Umair at



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