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  • 3. AI startup stories
    16. nov. 2020 17:41

    In this week's NORA.startup webinar, you will meet some of NORA.startup's members. DigiFarm, VOCA and Sci-Code will present themselves and share some of their experiences on how to become a successful AI startup, possibilities, and which typical pitfalls to avoid. We'll end the webinar with a plenary discussion on common interests, synergies and ideas on the matter, and how we might get better at helping each other. So tune in if you are a startup or planning on building one and wish to learn from other like minded entrepreneurs, or a researcher, student or investor curious to get in touch with some of Norway's most promising AI startups.

  • 2. Å få tak i talenter
    16. nov. 2020 17:41

    Vi tar for oss utfordringen med å finne gode talenter til både oppstartsmiljøer og akademia, samt hvordan vi best kan forberede studentene på et liv utenfor akademia. 

  • 1. On how to acquire funding
    18. nov. 2020 01:58

    NORA.startup kicks off the bi-weekly webinar series with a focus on how to acquire funding. We will discuss ways startup and scaleup companies in research collaborations can apply for, and successfully obtain, financial support.

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