Membership and Requirements

If you meet the criteria listed below, we invite you to apply for membership or register your interest today, and get a unique opportunity to meet and engage with Norway's leading AI startups and researchers. 

NORA.startup - Application form for startups 

NORA.startup - Registration form for others* 

*Researchers, students, investors, clusters/incubators and other relevant parties. 

Once you have submitted your application, we will review it and call you in for a meeting. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Birte Hansen

Who can join the NORA.startup network?

NORA.startup’s main target group is Norwegian start-up companies which develop technological solutions of their own in machine learning, artificial intelligence, or robotics and which also focus on research and development projects. In addition, researchers and students in this field who are interested in start-up companies, collaboration with entrepreneurs and commercialization of good technological solutions are in the target group.  

Incubators and clusters working with companies in this field, which have members with a high degree of expertise, and experience in research and development projects, can also contact NORA.startup. The same goes for businesses or investors concerned with technological solutions and collaboration within  the mentioned fields. 

Membership criteria for start-up companies and researchers / students:

Start-up companies:

  • The company must be a Norwegian-registered company
  • The company develops in-house technological solutions in machine learning, artificial intelligence or robotics, preferably with a focus on research and development
  • The company must have a founder or full-time employee with technical development expertise in the field
  • The company should have at least half a year of man-hours  with research expertise* or immediate plans to associate themselves with this kind of expertise.

Researchers and students:

  • You should have an interest in bringing research and innovation closer together, not least through research and development projects
  • You should have a desire to build professional networks and collaborations with talented start-ups in the field
  • You can work with fundamental research and / or applied research but with academically advanced issues and/or specialized matters within the mentioned fields
  • Students at the bachelor or master's level, or higher, can apply, but must work with a research project in the mentioned fields
  • Researchers and students affiliated with NORA's partner institutions, or NORA's research school, are prioritized, but researchers and students from other institutions are not excluded

*By research expertise we mean that you have dedicated resources to acquire new knowledge, such as reading scientific articles.


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