NORA.startup is NORA’s innovation network. Through cooperation between academia, incubators and start-up companies NORA.startup is building a national innovation network for research-based innovation.

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NORA.startup News

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    Factiverse secures IPN funds for explainable AI. 1. nov. 2022 12:10

    Congratulations to Factiverse who got an IPN over the summer! An Innovation Project for the Industrial Sector , or IPN for short, is a funding instrument providing grants to innovation projects led by businesses which rely extensively on R&D activities. The funding was given to Factiverse with partners, namely the University of Bergen (UiB), the University of Delft in the Netherlands and We met up with Head of Engineering Christopher Maxwell and Data Scientist Maximillian Reimer, who work at Factiverse.

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logoNORA.startup is recognised by Innovation Norway as an important ecosystem for entrepreneurship and AI.

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