Partner Benefits

As a member of the NORA Industry Network, you will gain access to a national network of universities, university colleges, research institutes and laboratories. 

Access to the NORA Research School and Talent 

As a member of the NORA Industry Network, you will get the opportunity to engage with the NORA Research School, a national initiative supported by all our partners, which aims to strengthen the relevance of doctoral education in industry. Members of the NORA Industry Network will have the opportunity to join the Research School Innovation Council to advise and influence the structure and content of the NORA Research School, including curriculum, conferences, courses, internships and exchange opportunities, and be a key stakeholder during Industry Days. The aim of the Research School Innovation Council is to empower students to propose and organize technical tutorials covering the gaps on AI related topics in industry.  

Access to NORAs Research Network   

As a member of the NORA Industry Network, your company will get insights into new and existing projects, trends and developments within artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics in Norway. NORA connects you to the right AI researchers in Norway and Europe.  

Access to Digital Resources 

As a member of the NORA Industry Network, you and your team will have access to digital resources and online courses organized by NORA, including the Norwegian AI Directory and Sigma2/Uninett resources and services.  

  • The Norwegian AI Directory provides a complete overview over AI projects in Norway, funding and grant opportunities from the Norwegian Research Council and EU and AI-related courses in Norway. The Norwegian AI Directory is an easily accessible repository of information to help navigate the field of AI in Norway. 

  • NORA has a strong cooperation with Sigma2/ Uninett. As a NORA Industry Network member, you will be introduced to the Norwegian EuroHPC competence center and course resources as a service.  

Access to Partner Activities 

NORA acts as a qualified network for the entire company, giving you and your team access to activities, events, conferences and seminars hosted by NORA and NORA partners.  

Access to NORA.startup 

As a NORA Industry Network member, you will be able to observe pioneering innovation in artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics, through engagement with NORA.startup. NORA.startup is recognized by Innovation Norway as a vital ecosystem for innovation and AI, and represents startups and researchers alike within the field. Join weekly events, seminars and other activities, and get connected with the top entrepreneurs within AI, ML and robotics in Norway.  

Visibility in the NORA Network 

By becoming a member of the NORA Industry Network, your company logo will be visible on our website. As a member of the NORA Industry Network, we will promote milestones and other major news with our network, through NORA's website, newsletters and via social media.  

Membership in CLAIRE Innovation Network  

NORA heads the office for the Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe (CLAIRE) in Oslo and in the Nordics. By becoming a NORA Industry Network member, your company will automatically become a member of the CLAIRE innovation Network.  CLAIRE has become a significant organization in AI, with close to 4 000 scientists and technologists, a network of 420 research labs and research institutions, and a developing network of European industry and businesses, all with significant focus on AI. 

  • CLAIRE organises Theme Development Workshops (TDW) that develop strategic development agendas for AI in various fields or industry sectors by bringing together leading scientists, key industrial players, and political stakeholders. TDWs your company the opportunity to participate in discussion of the latest AI topics and trends with experts and policy stakeholders from all across Europe, and help shape the AI roadmap in Europe, and establish European competence-strong connections. 
  • Information Exchange Platform: As a member, you will get access to a European-wide communication and information platform. this service will allow you to access specific, tailored, and exclusive information on current and relevant AI topics. The information is not only about the latest news and activities, but also in a broader sense about news from the AI community, events, EC calls for proposals and other relevant topics, ideally providing you with a complex overview of mainly European AI-related activities in one place. 
  • Matchmaking: As a member, you will be have access to a dedicated channel of the communication platform, where you can seek for specific expertise, service, or advice from one or multiple members of CLAIRE. Thus, you can look for the best possible fit between your requirements and the portfolio of other members. 
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