Become a partner of the NORA Industry Network

Who can become a member?

The NORA Industry Network is open to all industry and other public and private actors in Norway who have a special interest in artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics. Interested partners must have established offices with significant activity in Norway, and in house research and development teams within artificial intelligence, machine learning or robotics.  

Membership Categories: 

Principal Partner 

  • Membership in the CLAIRE Innovation Network 

  • Position on the NORA Industry Committee. 

  • Opportunity to participate in the NORA Research School Innovation Council.  

  • Access to NORA Industry Network Member Benefits as listed in the Partner Benefits Tab.  

Associate Partner 

  • Access to NORA Industry Network Member Benefits as listed in the Partner Benefits tab. 

NORA Industry Committee 

The NORA Industry Committee will be an advisory body to the NORA Consortium Board.  

  • The members of the NORA Industry Committee will have influence in the NORA Research School, through the Research School Innovation Council.  

  • Provide advice on the existing PhD educational programmes existing in Norway, and curriculum. Through the NORA Industry Committee, members can advocate for courses that should be developed and encouraged in Norway, considering the importance of industry relevance in future curriculum.  

  • Provide advice and recommendations on all activities related to the Research school, including NORA industry Days, conferences, courses, internships/ exchanges and other events.


Apply for membership 


Contact Birte Hansen for more information.

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