NORA Industry Network

Join the NORA Industry Network, and become a member of Norway's largest AI Network!

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NORA – Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium – aims to strengthen Norwegian research, education and innovation within artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics. NORA is a partnership organisation, representing universities, university colleges and research institutions and is the largest AI network in Norway. NORA represents a large community of research labs, research institutes, innovation-driven startups and other actors who are on the frontier in both scientific and technological innovation. The emergence and impact of AI in industry is a phenomenon with huge potential, and NORA aims to support industry in exploring the use of AI and advance the implementation of AI in Norway.   

The NORA Industry Network is a network of and for research-based businesses. The Industry Network and NORA’s network of research partners are tightly connected through activities. The members of the NORA Industry Network will benefit from the competence and experience available in the consortium, consisting of established partnerships with universities, university colleges and research institutions across Norway.

Our focus is to foster AI with a solid foundation in ethical, sustainable and inclusive principles.  


The NORA industry network aims to inspire and strengthen collaboration between researchers, students, research institutions, the public sector and industry. NORA and its partners will build strong platforms for knowledge and technology exchange, education and training, provide access to talent and student collaborations, and most importantly – provide access to the foremost leading AI, ML and robotic scientists, research labs and research institutes in Norway. Our mission is to substantially increase AI-based research, innovation and uptake in Norway through open and shared knowledge and technology exchanges. 


For more information, contact 

Birte Hansen

Innovation and Industry Coordinator