From July 2021 NORA.EU has been an RCN supported AI focused EU-network for Horizon Europe. The initiative will mobilise and support researchers within the fields of AI, machine learning and robotics to come together in applications for Horizon Europe. NORA.EU is supported by The Norwegian Research Council, project #328602. (From 01.07.2021 until 30.06.2024.)

Resource #1: AI Maps

A complete geographical overview of Norwegian research groups and European CLAIRE network research groups. We are open for collaboration!

Resource #2:

Coming EU calls, ongoing EU projects, Norwegian AI Labs, AI startup companies and a calendar of AI conferences and events.


Resource #3: Newsletters

The NORA newsletter reaches about 1500 AI researchers, students, innovators and others with an interest in AI, machine learning and robotics. In the newsletters you can read about coming EU calls and AI activity relevant for the EU network. Here you can read old newsletters and register to receive relevant information about upcoming calls and events.


NORA has since its inception worked towards bringing Norwegian AI researchers together alongside other societal and industrial actors. Through NORA.EU, NORA will be able to amplify the Horizon Europe calls for Norwegian participation, facilitate the creation of consortiums and support relevant applicants through workshops, networking events and focused training programs and activities which will increase Norwegian participation in the Horizon Europe framework. 

NOEA.EU is linked to NORA's general activities, among these the innovation ecosystem NORA.startup and NORA's Research School. NORA.EU is part of a NORA's general purpose and activities to strengthen Norwegian research, education, and innovation in Artificial Intelligence. NORA.EU is to a large extent also linking Norway’s AI environment to international environments. 

Nationally, NORA.EU will be strongly supported by several NORA collaborations and initiatives. These include NORA.startup and NORA's Research School. NORA.EU also works closely with the NORA institutions' EU advisers to build consortia and applications towards Horizon Europe. 

Over the past year, NORA has built up NORA.startup, which is the NORA partners' innovation network where researchers collaborate with start-up companies. NORA.startup has just received status as support ecosystem from Innovation Norway and is now rapidly being built up as a national innovation ecosystem within artificial intelligence. NORA.EU and NORA.startup will naturally contribute to each other’s development. 

Internationally, NORA.EU has close cooperation with several institutions, amongst other with CLAIRE. NORA hosts CLAIRE’s office for the Nordic countries and the UK.  

NORA.EU is organised so that it can be relevant for a broad spectrum of Norwegian researchers within AI, Machine Learning and Robotics and achieve maximum effect. NORA.EU has a Steering Group with broad representation from NORA partners, Innovation Norway and RCN. It also has several forums, such as International Forum, Industry Forum, Research Forum, Communication Forum and NORA.startup Forum, in order to be in close contact with researchers.  

However, the success of NORA.EU will rely on cooperation with researchers and applicants to Horizon Europe. We therefore invite Norwegian researchers and other potential applicants to Horizon Europe to use NORA.EU services. If you have any questions please contact Research Coordinator Sachin Gaur, Innovation and Industry Coordinator Birte Hansen or Communication Adviser Anam Javaid

Download slide deck about NORA.EU here.

The steering group

Klas Pettersen (NORA) and Liv Dingsør (DigitalNorway).
Leader and co-leader of NORA.EU, Klas Pettersen (NORA) and Liv Dingsør (DigitalNorway).


Name, position


Role in NORA.EU

Klas Pettersen, CEO


Project leader, steering group leader, leader of NORA's secretariat 

Liv Dingsør, CEO 

Digital Norway 

Deputy leader of the steering group 

Sachin Gaur, Senior Advisor Research


Steering group, secretariat, leader of NORA's research support network

Birte Hansen, Senior Advisor


Steering group, secretariat, leader of NORA's industry network 

Morten Irgens, Director of Innovation

CLAIRE (and OsloMet and HK) 

Steering group, CLAIRE contact, ADRA contact 

Freyja Jørgensen, Innovation Manager

Grundergarasjen, Simula 

Steering group, leader NORA.startup 

Jim Tørresen, Professor 


Steering group

Søren Kragholm, EU Senior Advisor 


Steering group

Odd Gurvin, Project Leader

Norwegian Cognitve Center 

Steering group

Annette Fagerhaug Stephansen, leder for Research Digital Systems 


Steering group 

Ketil Widerberg, daglig leder 

Oslo Cancer Cluster 

Steering group 

Anita Schjøll Brede, CEO and Co-founder 

Steering group

Kjell Reidar Mydske, CEO  

Smart Innovation Norway 

Steering group

Hans Eide, Special Advisor

Uninett Sigma 2 

Steering group

Ira Haraldsen, Coordinator, PI 

AI-Mind, Oslo University Hospital HF 

Steering group

Cathrine Pihl Lyngstad, Director of Data  


Steering group

Alex Moltzau, Policy and Ethics 


Sekretariat, internasjonal kontakt policy og etikk 

Anam Javaid, Senior Advisor Communication


Steering group, leader communication forum

Inger Solheim, Administrativ Center Leader

SFI Visual Intelligence, UiT 

Steering group


Norges forskningsråd 

Steering group (observing member) 


Innovasjon Norge 

Steering group (observing member)