NORA Annual Conference Awards & Winners

Call for Nominations for the 2022 NORA Awards.

NORA is seeking nominations for our annual awards 2023! The NORA Annual Awards awards are given to recognise exceptional efforts of individuals and actors in the Norwegian AI community throughout the year. 

We will shortly open for nominations - stay tuned!

You can shortly submit your nominations for the following awards: 

  • NORA Award for Lifetime Achievement

To recognize an individual affiliated with a Norwegian institution who has made profound contributions to the field of Artificial Intelligence, influencing the work of many others and helping to shape the state of the art.

  • NORA Award for Distinguished Early-Career Investigator

To recognize an individual affiliated with a Norwegian institution who is early in their career (typically pre-tenure), but has already made important contributions to the field of Artificial Intelligence.

  • NORA Award for AI Community Building 

To recognize an individual affiliated with a Norwegian institution who has provided truly exceptional service to the field of Artificial Intelligence by, for example, helping to organize the NORA community or other Norwegian AI communities, developing valuable resources, teaching and educating about Artificial Intelligence, or facilitating administration of NORA.

  • NORA Award for Diversity in AI

To recognize an individual affiliated with a Norwegian institution who has been active and in the forefront of shedding light on gender issues in the field of AI, or other types of discrimination such as age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc. 

  • NORA Award for Outstanding Publication of the Decade 2012 – 2022

To recognize the authors (at least one affiliated to a Norwegian institution) of an influential publication in any venue from the last decade (2012-2022) that has had a profound impact on the field of Artificial Intelligence, as evidenced by follow-up research, citations, or attention brought to the field.

  • NORA.startup Award

To recognize a Norwegian startup company either developing or using AI technology that has achieved outstanding results, for instance through the acquisition of public or private funding initiatives or customer growth. The startup must conduct research-driven innovation in collaboration with researchers affiliated with a Norwegian institution.  


Nominations will be reviewed by the Program Committee of the NORA Annual Conference 2023 and winners will be recommended to the NORA board. The NORA board will approve the award recipients. Awardees will be recognized at the NORA Annual Conference 2023. The identity of the person providing nominations is anonymous and only the selected winners of the awards will be revealed.  

You can submit your nominations by clicking here. When submitting your nomination, please provide the full name, title, affiliation and a brief explanation as to why this person/ startup deserves to win the award. If you have any questions, please reach out to the NORA Award Coordinator Stefano Nichele 

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