Introduction to NORA.startup & Members!

During the NORA.startup segment, all startup members are invited to present their startup - the idea that inspired the startup, the specific service/ product you offer, the team behind the startup and how research based innovation has played a part in your startup, and the benefits of research based collaboration. 

The NORA.startup segment will be divided into two sessions. The first segment will be startup stands. All the startups who have signed up for a presentation will be given a dedicated space in a function room to set up a stand. The stands will be open the entire second day of the conference. Our invited keynotes and researchers from partner universities will then be able to visit the stands and chat with the respective owners of the stand. 





Welcome & Intro

Freyja Jørgensen



Jakob Voigt, Industry PhD



Ole Johan Aspestrand Bjerke, CEO & Co-founder



Paal Frederik Skjørten Kvaberg, CEO, Anders Næss Evensen, Director of Research






Sergii Shcherbak, CTO


Bergen Robotics

Nils Jacob Berland, CEO


Panel Discussion

Moderated by Odd Gurvin

18:00- onwards

NORA.startup & Norwegian Cognitive Centre Meet & Mingle 

Media City Bergen

Panel Discussion: 

How can we improve collaboration between academia and the thriving startup community in Norway? 

For some, the world of academia and the world of entrepreneurship seems like two polar opposites. In the last decades, greater attempts have been made at bringing these two worlds together, as academia and the startup world can greatly benefit from close collaboration. Universities, governments, industry and startups are all vital parts to get a functioning, thriving and innovative ecosystem. What can each of these actors do to further inspire and strengthen research based innovation in Norway? How can startups approach and collaborate with academia, and vice versa, and how can we inspire more innovation and commercialisation within academia? 

In this panel, we will discuss the current strategies for collaboration between academia, industry and startups, and explore real life cases of successful collaboration. 

At 15:00, members of NORA.startup will be invited to present their startups to the conference participants. We will set aside 15 minutes for each startup, followed by a 5 min Q&A. We will end the round of presentations with a panel session, moderated by Odd Gurvin, Project Manager at the Norwegian Cognitive Center (NCC). 

After the conference closing, we have arranged for a special dinner, hosted in collaboration with the Norwegian Cognitive Center! All members of NORA.startup (researchers, students and startups) will be invited out to dinner, together with the startups affiliated with the NCC dinner & mingle session! We will meet & eat, and enjoy the opportunity to get to know one another - in person! The dinner will be hosted at Media City Bergen.

For more information about the NORA Annual Conference, and to see the program, please click here. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact 

Come join us for two great days in Bergen - we hope to see you there! 

Contact for any questions.

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