Helga Brøgger

Senior advisor at the Norwegian Board of Health Supervision and President of the Norwegian Society of Radiology

About Helga

If we are to use artificial intelligence for one of the best purposes possible; to save life and prevent unnecessary death, then we need people like Helga Brøgger. She is an experienced consultant in musculoskeletal radiology, with a demonstrated history of practice in hospitals. What makes her unique is her excellent skills in bridging competencies between people and her never ending scientific curiosity that she shares with her networks. She worked at the Oslo University Hospital as a Consultant in Forensic Radiology at the Department of Forensic Medicine. Her continued engagement with digital health technology and to make artificial intelligence understandable in healthcare contexts makes her very valuable for Norway. When discussing artificial intelligence she brings in the understanding of healthcare professionals, the medical industry and policymakers. With her new role as the Senior Advisor at the Norwegian Board of Health Supervision she will continue to ensure responsibility in Norwegian healthcare.

Publisert 24. mars 2022 12:03 - Sist endret 24. mars 2022 12:03