The Norwegian Computing Center (NR) joins

With great excitement, we announce that the Norwegian Computing Center (NR) has joined the Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium (! The partnership will further deepen Norwegian collaboration within the field of AI, Machine Learning, and Robotics. NR joining the consortium will surely create added value and will increase opportunities for new projects and a stronger Norwegian collaborationwithin AI research and innovation.

André Teigland and Klas Pettersen

André Teigland (NR) and Klas Pettersen (

The Norwegian Computing Center, established in 1952, is one of the largest independent and non-profit private foundations, in Norway and Europe, with a research focus on statistical modelling, machine learning and ICT. It carries out contract research for businesses, the public sector and private organizations in Norway and internationally. NR has approximately 90 employees, and most researchers have a doctorate. It is also the birthplace of the first object-oriented programming (OOP) language, Simula. OOP became a common standard in all the best and most-known modern programming languages. 

“I am happy that NR is now part of the NORA collaboration. NR is a highly important actor in the Norwegian AI landscape. Their excellence within AI is reflected through their projects and through their partnerships with the most important Norwegian structures within AI. Two years ago, The Research Council of Norway (RCN) funded two new centers for research-based innovation within AI. NR is part of both. From next year, RCN has funded a new Centre of excellence within AI. NR is also part of that. I am really looking forward to seeing how they can contribute to and benefit from the NORA collaboration.” – Klas Pettersen, CEO of

“NR is part of many collaborations and projects within the Norwegian AI-community, and now it was time to join the largest of them all, NORA. We have followed the successful development of NORA over time, and I see it as a great pleasure to open new collaborations with all the excellent NORA members. We strongly hope that NR's competence within statistical modelling, machine learning and image analysis, the fundamental core of AI systems, will be of high value to the consortium's future. I am really looking forward to the new opportunities our membership in NORA will bring.” - André Teigland, CEO of NR.


Click here to read the press release published by the Norwegian Computing Center.

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