Nemonoor has been established to speed up the use of artificial intelligence

NORA is part of the newly established digital innovation hub, Nemonoor, a seven-year EU project led by Digital Norway (Toppindistrisenteret), with Smart Innovation Norway, Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), Norway Health Tech, NTNU, SINTEF, and ÅKP as partners.

The EU Commission financially supports Nemonoor within the European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH) scheme, which is a vital part of the Digital Europe Programme. Nemonoor aims to help private and public companies in Norway to have better access to the knowledge about applied AI built on many years of research, development, and innovation. In particular, the consortium will contribute to SMEs and the public sector working within manufacturing, health, smart cities and communities, and the maritime industry, focusing on solutions based on prediction, machine vision, and language models. NORA, together with Norway Health Tech, will have a special focus within the health field.


- More and more, some of the most useful AI tools are larger and highly complex algorithms that require computing and competence beyond what is typically found in SMEs and the public sector. Within the NORA consortium, we have the competence and the needed infrastructure to handle such larger algorithms. For example, last summer, AlphaFold was published as open-source code, in principle, available to anyone. However, installing and using the algorithm requires skills and infrastructure not available to anyone. Such larger algorithms are not only important research tools, many of them are also highly applied and should be available to the public sector and SMEs. What we now want to do is combine our knowledge and research infrastructure within this larger Norwegian collaboration, to the benefit of society, through collaborations with the public sector and SMEs. The EDIH fits very well into other projects NORA is part of, such as the Norwegian AI Cloud and our national research school in AI. I want to send a big "thank you!" to DigitalNorway and our other project partners. Through the application phase, we have been able to put up an excellent structure for the future. In the end, I believe such collaboration will highly benefit society. Klas Pettersen, CEO of NORA.


“AI hold a very big potential in health care, where we have huge volume of data that are currently underutilized. This combined with critical lack of resources build the opportunity to deploy AI solutions and deliver value both for patient and care personnel. We have many member working with AI enabled health solution that need a push to professionalize their solutions and bring them to real life environment. The Nemonoor EDIH will allow us to support our members (both health companies and public sector) in materializing the opportunity and making a difference towards better health outcomes.” CEO Norway Health Tech, Lena Nymo Helli


- This is a prestigious assignment and a fantastic opportunity for Norwegian companies to increase their investment in artificial intelligence through access to both the best resources in the country and a close link to strong professional environments in the EU, says Eirik Andreassen, Head of Nemonoor.


Nevertheless, there are still concerns related to the operating budget. It has become clear that the state will not fund the other half of the project. Consequently, Norwegian companies will be unable to fully take advantage of the offer compared to our Nordic neighbours.


The purpose of European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH) is to ensure that private and public companies are equipped to use advanced digital technologies. Nemonoor will start accepting applications from August 2022 and officially begin its services in autumn 2022.


Read the press release (in Norwegian) from Digital Norway.

28 June 2022

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