The Alan Turing Institute to work with Visual Intelligence on AI research

The Alan Turing Institute and Visual Intelligence have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the intention to set up mutually beneficial avenues for joint research.


Cambridge University - Partner in the Alan Turing Institute

Professor Robert Jenssen, Director of Visual Intelligence, is excited about the MoU:

- This strategic partnership with one of the best AI centres in the world will give many opportunities for excellent research and innovation. In my view, it is the strength of our consortium that has made us in Visual Intelligence an attractive partner for Turing, as we are spanning academic groups, public institutions, and commercial companies, working on real problems and challenging data of importance both to the private and the public sector.

As first steps towards the collaboration, Visual Intelligence has employed Professor Mark Girolami at the Alan Turing Institute and at Cambridge University in an adjunct professor position to work on the development of new algorithms at the intersection of deep learning and uncertainty quantification. Visual Intelligence is also a partner in a bid by the Turing Institute to The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) in the UK for a proposal on "AI for wildlife monitoring".

- We at the Alan Turing Institute are delighted to be working alongside Visual Intelligence where together we are seeking to address some of the most pressing global challenges the planet faces. The AI technologies Visual Intelligence and Turing researchteams are jointly developing will help to address for example threats to wildlife driven by climate change. We are looking forward to a productive, impactful, and enjoyable joint collaborative effort between our two institutions and countries, says Girolami.

- This will give our young researchers the opportunity to visit the Alan Turing Institute for shorter and longer research stays, and vice versa. This is important for our strategy as a research centre to be at the international forefront, concludes Jenssen.

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