Research coordinator joins NORA

In November, Ivan Dragicevic joined NORA as a research coordinator. With Ivan on the team, NORA will be better positioned to support the NORA partner’s quest for strengthening research and education in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics.

Bilde av Ivan

Ivan´s background is in Chemistry (MSc) and Environmental science (PhD). He has an interdisciplinary research background with several publications in computational organic chemistry and environmental science. Since moving to Norway in 2015, Ivan has been a research fellow and researcher at NMBU. Before joining NORA, Ivan was a senior research advisor at Østfold University College.

- We are both very lucky and happy that Ivan has joined NORA. His extensive and varied background will be a strength for NORA in helping us to be better fulfil our role, says NORA’s CEO Klas Pettersen.

Ivan has 12 year’s work experience in research, administrative research support, project management and budgeting with strong connection to international and national projects.

- I am really looking forward to new and challenging tasks at NORA. I believe my background and experience will enable me to fulfil the role of research coordinator in order to move NORA closer to its strategic goals, says Ivan.

- One of the most exciting and unique aspects of NORA is that it has managed to bring together so many leading institutions and organizations under one umbrella. This gives NORA both strength and foothold in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics. I want to use NORA’s position as a strength to achieve multidisciplinary cooperation and support to new and ongoing research initiatives, continues Ivan.

Ivan´s role will also include paving the path for NORA partners into CLAIRE, Confederation of laboratories for artificial intelligence research in Europe. He will work actively to connect our Norwegian partners with European partners, with the goal of attracting more funding from Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe initiatives.

Although Ivan is passionate about research, other things also occupy him. In his spare time, he likes to take long walks with his dog, enjoy the company of his friends by taking hikes and camping trips into the amazing Norwegian nature.

- If your institution or organisation is interested in artificial intelligence, machine learning or robotics I strongly believe that NORA and NORA’s partners can provide the necessary help to shape and form your ideas in to reality. NORA is open for business, concludes Ivan.

Would you like to know more about NORA or contact Ivan Dragicevic, please send an email to or

Av Anam Javaid
Publisert 18. nov. 2019 10:23 - Sist endret 18. nov. 2019 10:24