Norway's first Facebook grant for UiT researchers

The machine learning group at UiT has recieved a grant from Facebook to conduct research on fake news and comment sections in social media. This is the first time Facebook has allocated money for research in Norway.

The research group at UiT, together with Ole Hjortland and Paal Antonsen, both philosophers at the University of Bergen, will explore more about the logic of the political wording on Facebook and in the media. With a grant of 100 000 USD, the group will seek to develop new methods of Artificial Intelligence to uncover logical failures in political debates and other platforms for the exchange of views.

The project has been titled "Identifying Logical Fallacies Using Machine Learning" and is also a collaboration with the University of Cambridge. The head of the research group is Professor Robert Jenssen at the Department of Physics and Technology at UiT.

Read more about the project at UiT's webpage and in iTromsø (in Norwegian).

Publisert 15. jan. 2020 23:42 - Sist endret 15. jan. 2020 23:42