Norway’s first National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence launched

On Tuesday 14th January 2020 Minister of Digitalisation, Nikolai Astrup, launched Norway’s first strategy for Artificial Intelligence, less than a year after Prime Minister and the Minister announced that the Government will be launching such a strategy.

Picture of Klas H. Pettersen and Nikolai Astrup at NORA's kick-off

Foto: Ansgar Valbø - Picture of Minister Nikolai Astrup and NORA's CEO Klas H. Pettersen at NORA's kick-off 1st april 2019.

- I would like to thank everybody who has contributed to this strategy. I have had the opportunity to visit all of Norway’s leading Artificial Intelligence communities during this period, in addition to start-ups and public entities who use Artificial Intelligence, said Minister of Digitalisation, Nikolai Astrup during the launch.

The Minister emphasized that this is a field in rapid development, and that the strategy will not answer all questions regarding Artificial Intelligence in Norway. However, the strategy will give a direction and thus serve as a framework for both public and private entities seeking to develop and use Artificial Intelligence over time.

The strategy focuses on defining Artificial Intelligence and on describing some areas where it will be important for Norway to exploit the opportunities offered by Artificial Intelligence. Minister Astrup told the audience during the launch that many of the inputs and contributions to the strategy have been regarding data and regulations. Both topics have been extensively discussed in the strategy. The strategy outlines several measures and initiatives that the government will implement in the coming time.

- We are very pleased that the Government has launched this strategy, less than a year after NORA was launched. This is a major milestone for everybody working with Artificial Intelligence in Norway and a day for celebration, says NORA’s chairperson Pinar Heggernes.

- NORA has been involved in this work and has given input to the content of the strategy. We are pleased to see that the strategy will contribute to strengthen fundamental ICT research and education, which in turn will enable the development of courses and candidates in the field of Artificial Intelligence, continues Heggernes.

The strategy outlines that the Norwegian society is characterised by trust and respect for fundamental values such as human rights and privacy. The Government wants Norway to lead the way in developing and using Artificial Intelligence with respect for individual rights and freedoms. This can become a key advantage in today's global competition. The Government believes that:

  • Artificial Intelligence that is developed and used in Norway should be built on ethical principles and respect human rights and democracy
  • Research, development and use of Artificial Intelligence in Norway should promote responsible and trustworthy Artificial Intelligence
  • Development and use of Artificial Intelligence in Norway should safeguard the integrity and privacy of the individual
  • Cyber security should be built into the development, operation and administration of systems that use Artificial Intelligence
  • Supervisory authorities should oversee that Artificial Intelligence systems in their areas of supervision are operated in accordance with the principles for responsible and trustworthy use of Artificial Intelligence

- The government has taken the same view on Artificial intelligence as NORA and our partners, which is that Artificial Intelligence represents vast opportunities for us as individuals and for society at large, and the development and use of this technology must be based on sound ethical and responsible principles. The Government also shares our view that Norway is well positioned for succeeding with Artificial Intelligence, because we are a modern, developed and highly educated society with high level of trust, says NORA’s CEO Klas H. Pettersen.

- This strategy is a welcomed contribution to further develop Artificial Intelligence in Norway. It sets a framework, ambitions and certain measures and initiatives to strengthen Artificial Intelligence in Norway. Among the measures, we are specially pleased to see that the government will strengthen fundamental ICT research through the Research Council of Norway. In addition the government will initiate a collaboration on research with the private sector, establish a knowledge base that makes it possible to follow the development of study places and candidates within Artificial Intelligence, examine a digital platform for continuing education programs and support the development of flexible continuing education programs, continues Pettersen.

During the launch, NORA`s CEO asked the Minister about the strategic incentives for strengthening artificial intelligence in the higher education sector. In his answer, the Minister emphasised that the number of ICT students have increased through earmarking in recent years. However, there are limits to these earmarkings. This means that universities and colleges must themselves prioritize this over something else, which can be challenging.

- We must stop educating doctors and nurses who know nothing about artificial intelligence and we must stop sending people to study agriculture at NMBU without learning anything about Artificial Intelligence. This is multidisciplinary, and an understanding of this must enter into all fields of study. That does not mean that everyone should be experts, but we have to think in a multidisciplinary way, the Minister said.

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