NORA receives funding from Research Council of Norway

NORA has received funding from Research Council of Norway (RCN) to organize Nordic AI young researcher symposium. The proposed symposium will create an annual meeting place over a five-year period where young researchers can learn about new ideas, methods and theories within AI as well as build a professional network and connect with industry. 

This symposium and the support from Research Council of Norway further cements NORA´s position in Norway and the Nordic countries. We have great backing and support from our partners and their AI clusters, and this grant provides NORA with further resources to arrange the first Nordic symposium for young researchers. This is an important step towards fulfilling NORA´s ambition of becoming an internationally known AI research and education network, says NORA´s CEO, Klas H. Pettersen.


The world is changing

Our society is undergoing a rapid transformation due to the convergence of many digital technologies. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is central to this change and offers major opportunities to improve our lives. 

Increasing knowledge, building networks and exchanging experiences will be crucial in determining how to approach the development and use of AI. The proposed symposium will contribute to this. RCN has granted a total of 2 mill. NOK over a five-year period for this purpose, says NORA´s research coordinator and responsible for the application, Ivan Dragicevic.


Stronger cooperation

Many positive steps have recently been taken in order to achieve better coordination and stronger collaboration between the academic institutions and private sector in the AI-field. The coordinating and collaborative efforts are further strengthened by the newly launched National Strategy on artificial intelligence. To support this, NORA has planned several cross-partner activities and initiatives in 2020. For example, NORA is planning to start an AI research school and has organized a national PhD symposium with 70 AI PhD students from Norway. 

In order to connect closely with research groups and research environments around Norway there is a clear need to establish more meeting places for Norwegian young researchers and research group leaders. An annual symposium in Norway where the Nordic community can exchange ideas, connect and be updated on the forefront of current developments in AI research and applications would be highly beneficial for the Norwegian AI community. This would further strengthen Norway’s position to take a leading role in Nordic collaborations within the field of AI, says Dragicevic.


Creating an annual meeting place

The main purpose of the proposed symposium is to create an annual meeting place where young researchers can learn about new ideas, methods and theories within AI as well as build a professional network that will be useful in developing knowledge-based application of AI. This will contribute to:  

  • Establish meeting platform for Nordic AI young researchers
  • Build a network of young and experienced AI researchers focusing on national and transnational research collaboration
  • Improve knowledge exchange between the Nordic AI research environments 
  • Support collaboration of Nordic researchers within the largest European AI network (CLAIRE)

The symposium represents an important step forward in helping and providing necessary knowledge exchange about AI and its applications in Norway and Nordics. This is particularly important and useful for meeting important challenges in the public sector, industry or civil society regarding the use of AI. The goal is that symposium becomes relevant on both national and international level, as a meeting/discussion point for young and top AI researchers. 

The symposium will have approx. 200 participants, with 100 from Norway and rest from the Nordic countries. PhD students, Postdocs and early stage researchers will be the three main attendee groups.

NORA is currently reviewing situation regarding the Symposium in 2020. More information and details about this will be published soon.


About NORA

NORA – The Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium – aims to strengthen Norwegian research and education within artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics, as well as other relevant research that supports the development of artificial intelligence applications. 

The consortium consists of the following partners: the University of Agder, the University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway, OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University, University of Bergen, the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Simula Research Laboratory AS, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS, the University of Oslo and the University of Stavanger.

For further information, please contact CEO Klas H. Pettersen, Research Coordinator Ivan Dragicevic or Communication Adviser Anam Javaid.

Av Anam Javaid
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