Meet NORA's interns

This summer the NORA family will be expanded with three interns. The purpose is to utilise the interest and knowledge many motivated and ambitious students have in the field of AI. Meet our three interns who will help elevate NORA and Norwegian AI to new heights this summer!

Elias Strand, Kushtrim Visoka and Jørgen Amundsen are NORA's three hardworking interns this summer.

Elias Strand will be assisting with the development of the AI directory and NORA.startup. The AI Directory is a pilot project during summer 2021 in NORA attempting to organise data related to the field of artificial intelligence in Norway. The current focus is data related to AI research projects and mapping education possibilities. Elias is otherwise interested in engaging with fields such as international politics, risk analysis, aid, and development.

Elias will conduct desk research on the educational landscape in the field of AI in Norway, mapping out courses on PhD and master’s level to be presented to the NORA education council. He will be assisting the NORA.startup initiative, which is recognised as Innovation Norway entrepreneurial ecosystem, gathering information on the existing startups and potential members. Furthermore Elias will be mapping data for the Norwegian AI directory related to current research projects from the Norwegian Research Council. Elias will also be detailing and describing actors involved in data sharing relevant to the Norwegian AI directory and exploring potential data sources for the Norwegian AI directory.

Elias is aiming for a Master’s in Social Anthropology with specialisation in Contemporary Anthropology at the University of Oslo (starting Fall 2021). He has a Bachelor in Social Anthropology from the University of Oslo (thesis: identity politics, structural discrimination and diversity, East-Asia) and a Bachelor in History from the University of Bergen (thesis: environmental history).

Elias is the President of Sosialantropologisk programutvalg and Co-founder of Sosialantropologi Norge and part of Antropologisk studentsamarbeid (ASA).

Kushtrim Visoka will be the technical lead for the Norwegian AI directory, where he will be building the pilot. This includes mapping data for the Norwegian AI directory related to current research projects from the Norwegian Research Council. He will help develop the Norwegian AI web directory and help out with data analytics and visualizations.

Kushtrim has a MSc in International and European Relations from Linköping University, Sweden, as part of Swedish Institute scholarship and a Bachelor in Anthropology, University of Prishtina, Kosovo.

Kushtrim has Working experience in peacebuilding projects.

Jørgen Amundsen will be gathering and cleaning data as part of his internship. He will also help with various other tasks.

Jørgen is aiming for a MA in Energy, Environment and Society (starting Fall 2021). He has a BA in Language Informatics (enrolled) and a BA in social anthropology with a minor in informatics (thesis: Smartphone and anthropological methodology).

Jørgen is leader of AntroProg, a programming club at University of Oslo.

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