Great opportunity for NORA-partners to host German PhD Students and PostDocs for three months

As part of NORA Research School, we are proud to announce our first international partnership with Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy (HIDA), Germany for enabling researcher exchange between NORA and HIDA partners. 

Logo av NORA og HIDA, samt det tyske og norske flagget

Objective of the Exchange 

The purpose of this exchange is to bring together data science talent from both countries to work together on innovative research projects. This exchange shall serve as the foundation for ongoing scientific collaboration between Helmholtz centers and NORA partners and strengthen the ties between German and Norwegian research in AI and data science. 

Scope of the Exchange 

For the first year of collaboration (2022), NORA and HIDA member institutions will each host three PhDs from the other side for three months. Participants will continue to receive salaries from their home institutions and will not receive salaries from their host institutions.

Expression of Interests (EoI) from Norwegian Hosts 

We invite Expression of Interest from professors/researchers at NORA partners for hosting German PhD students and postdocs for three months. If you have interest in the exchange or any queries please send them to by 8 Feb 2022. We will send the detailed information and timelines to interested host professors/researchers as a next step. 

About HIDA 

HIDA supports the Helmholtz Association’s 18 independent research centers by preparing their next generation of scientists for a data-driven future of research. The Association’s mission is to contribute to solving the major challenges facing society, science and the economy by conducting top-level research in strategic programs within six research fields: energy, earth & environment, health, aeronautics, space and transport, matter, and information. Leveraging knowledge and discoveries from the ever-growing amount of research data in all of these fields, as well as in their interaction in complex systems, has become fundamental to the success of the association’s mission. HIDA furthers this goal by providing training and a network for information and data science education and serves as the roof to six research schools in Germany. For more information about HIDA, please visit their website:

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