CAIR Taking the Lead - Grand Opening

The University of Agder, Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research (CAIR) and NORA take great pride in welcoming you to the Grand Opening of House of CAIR. House of CAIR is an extension of CAIR, established to form a world-leading hub of talent pushing the frontiers of Artificial Intelligence research.

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In House of CAIR, invited leading AI researchers across the world come together to attack the grand challenges of AI. House of CAIR is also a computational powerhouse with state-of-the-art AI supercomputers, encompassing CAIR Arena and CAIR Education.



Welcome by Pål Grandal, CAIR

09:03 Opening speech
by Professor Pinar Heggernes, Chair of the Board,
Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Consortium (NORA)
09:08 Introducing House of CAIR 
by Professor Ole-Christoffer Granmo
09:16 Overcoming the Rarity of Rare Disorders Through Application of AI to Biomedical Discovery 
by Dr. Paul De Sousa, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences, University of Edinburgh
09:24 CAIR for Humanity 
by Professor Christian W. Omlin, CAIR
09:32 Artifical Intelligence and Sustainable Energy 
by Dr. Bernt Viggo Matheussen, CAIR & Agder Energy
09:40 Rescuing Health Data and Saving Lives with Predictive AI 
by Professor Vladimir I. Zadorozhny, University of Pittsburgh
09:48 Artificial Morality by Professor Einar Duenger Bøhn, CAIR
09:56 Games - a Playground for Superintelligence 
by Dr. Marco Wiering, University of Groningen

How AI Will Transform Society by Dr. Morten Goodwin, CAIR

10:15 - 11:00 Mingling and refreshments
For invited guests:  
11:00 - 16:00 House of CAIR AI Research Workshop

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CAIR ARENA – Supporting Value Creation and Innovation

Supporting value creation and innovation in the private and public sectors, we’re launching CAIR Arena; a parallel track in our new House of CAIR, proposing three levels of collaboration.

  • Bronze partner: Share data and cases, deliver bachelor and master projects.
  • Silver partner: Conduct groundbreaking research, fund industrial PhDs, take the lead by advancing the research frontier.
  • Gold partner: Get full access and ownership to House of CAIR’s computational infrastructure. (Terms and conditions for Gold partners negotiated on a case-by-case basis)

CAIR EDUCATION – Enhancing AI Competence

Hosted by the ICT department, our first 5-year specialization track in Artificial Intelligence (master’s program) is currently under construction. Collaborating with the Mechatronics Innovation Lab, we’ll offer courses and certificates available to companies and organizations. 

Read more about CAIR.

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