Celebrating the CLAIRE Community: The CLAIRE Office Launch Roadshow – Co-creative collaboration for responsible AI in Europe

On its mission to ensure the success of "AI made in Europe", CLAIRE is celebrating its reach across Europe by launching four new offices in Zurich, Oslo, Paris and Brussels in an Office Launch Roadshow beginning on 26 May to strengthen the CLAIRE vision of inclusive and co-creative collaboration for responsible AI research and innovation across Europe. These new offices complement the four existing CLAIRE offices in The Hague, Prague, Rome and Saarbrücken.

The Office Launch Roadshow will be held in a series of virtual events starting on 26 May at the new Swiss CLAIRE Office in Zürich. The series continues with the Norwegian CLAIRE Office, on 03 June in Oslo, followed by the French CLAIRE Office in Paris, on 17 June, and culminates in the launch of the Belgian CLAIRE Office in Brussels, on 25 June. CLAIRE is an international non-profit association – a network of experts and stakeholders in AI - committed to building bridges between research, industry, policy makers and the general public, in order to ensure the success of "AI made in Europe", based on an inclusive and holistic approach, and on values shared across Europe and beyond.

Each CLAIRE Office has its own focus in supporting work on current topics around European and human-centred AI research, AI for good and AI for all. The Belgian office, for example, focuses on European AI policy, whereas the Swiss office concentrates on AI for Good and collaboration NGOs committed to that goal. The Norwegian office works on AI-related topics around startups, and the French office has a focus on Private-Public-Partnerships (PPPs). For each event, the offices will invite national and international speakers, including government representatives and panellists from various areas of AI, to talk about topics related to the designated focus area of the respective office and its contribution to the CLAIRE vision, the European AI community and the national interests of the country hosting the office. After the scheduled programme, participants of the event have the chance to meet in virtual booths to connect and exchange their thoughts and questions on artificial intelligence made in Europe and foster new collaborations. The launch of the offices also reflects CLAIRE’s ambition to enable and further advance the vision of an inclusive European ecosystem focussed on human-centred, trustworthy AI. The offices in Oslo and Zurich also reflect CLAIRE’s commitment to building a broad European AI ecosystem, including non-EU countries and global partnerships beyond the European continent.

Further information about the offices’ focus areas, panellists and the programmes for the official openings will be provided at https://claire-ai.org/offices-roadshow/. For additional information and press inquiries, please contact press@claire-ai.org.


Prof. Dr. Holger Hoos (CLAIRE leadership), Professor of Machine Learning, Universiteit Leiden, The Netherlands

Tel. +31 71 527 5777

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Alexa Kodde, MSc, Project Coordinator CLAIRE , 

Tel. +31 72 527 4799

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