Statement of Support from the The Minister of Local Government and Modernisation, Nikolai Astrup - CLAIRE Oslo Launch

We are thrilled to have officially launched the CLAIRE Oslo Office, June 3rd, 2021. Participating in the launch, we were excited to have the support from the Minister of Local Government and Modernisation Nikolai Astrup, who provided a keynote speech during the launch.  

Foto: Fotograf Sturlason/Utenriksdepartementet

Statement of support from Minister of Local Government and Modernisation, Nikolai Astrup, regarding the opening of CLAIRE Oslo Office on June 3rd:



"We're in the midst of a digital revolution.  

Artificial intelligence, big data, internet of things, and 5G, together they constitute the perfect storm of opportunities.  

In the eye of this storm, I am very pleased to see that our excellent AI research and innovation communities are able to keep their feet on the ground and focus on the range of opportunities.  

And today, this is materializing in the opening of CLAIRE’s Oslo office, at the premises of NORA, Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium.  

Prior to launching the national strategy for artificial intelligence, I was invited to give an opening speech at NORA’s kick-off seminar in 2019.  

And with almost all the AI research and higher education institutions together in one place, it was a great opportunity for me to get a direct input and expert advice on the work with the strategy, so thank you for that.  

Along with other prominent AI communities in Norway, NORA has been a member of CLAIRE, Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial intelligence Research in Europe, for some time.  

By dedicating more specific resources to this work, NORA will now be taking on the role to serve as CLAIRE office in Norway and the Nordics.  

In the last couple of years the most prominent AI research and innovation communities, in Norway, have joined forces in several projects.  

They are now cooperating closely to achieve the best use of resources and the best possible results on a national level.  

It’s my humble opinion that cooperation, co-creation, and collaboration, is of the utmost importance for future innovation, and also absolutely essential for a sustainable future.  

As the ministry responsible for coordinating the government's efforts to reach the UN sustainable development goals in Norway, I’m glad to see we’ve put our best efforts into developing technology that will be fundamental in solving our future challenges. 

In a global context, a strong collaboration between national actors and the European countries will strengthen the region as a whole, and also each country's own ability to succeed.  

In other words, a classic ‘win win’ situation. With their new startup initiative, NORA has also shown a commitment to innovation, new ideas, and new business.  

Combined with their new status as CLAIRE’s Norway and Nordic office, this represents a golden opportunity to showcase what synergy effect is all about.  

A vibrant and flourishing startup scene will help us become more agile, resilient, and technologically advanced.  

And in the post-Covid-19 future, startups may also play an important role in reviving the economy, finding new solutions to our sometimes old problems, and expand to reach new international markets.  

For instance, I believe that tech-savvy startups are an important part of solving many of the challenges we face in the public sector.  

In Bergen, the up and coming map and navigation company MazeMap will be one of two suppliers in the new project where data analysis, and the use of artificial intelligence, will significantly improve the municipality's property management. 

The government's job is to provide relevant policies and regulations that facilitate the use of AI in order to exploit opportunities and competitive advantages.  

At the same time, AI must be based on solid ethical and responsible considerations.  

This is a job we will continue to focus on, in close cooperation with international partners like the EU and the OECD.  

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.  

A confederation like CLAIRE represents a group that is united for purposes of a common action or a goal.  

We will now be an even more important part of this union, steering towards excellence across all of AI, for all of Europe, and with a human-centred focus.  

To use CLAIRE’s own words, I wish you the best of luck with the opening today, and in your future work as the national hub, connecting Norway and the Nordics, even closer to CLAIRE’s important work.  

Good luck."  


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