Watch it again! CLAIRE Oslo Office Launch June 3rd - The Nordic Model: Connecting Young Talent

We are very excited to have finally launched the CLAIRE Oslo Office in Norway! The launch took place on June 3rd, and was attended by over 70 people from all over Europe. With a specially tailored program, which focused on the Nordic Model - Connecting Young Talent, we were joined by excellent keynote speakers, panelists and representatives from Norway and the United Kingdom who provided interesting insights and perspectives for how CLAIRE can continue to build relationships and bridges between clusters in the Nordic region to the wider CLAIRE Network. 

The Nordic countries have quickly made their way up the innovation ladder, ranked amongst the top 15 in the European Scoreboard 2020. Investment in and research on Artificial Intelligence is a goal shared by the Nordic governments, universities and local organisations alike, making the Nordics a strong innovation region, and one to watch as we rise up on the scale of European Innovation. The CLAIRE Oslo Office has already built bridges and strengthened relations and collaboration between the Nordic nations, specifically between universities, research institutions, innovation hubs and projects. For instance, the Office has established and strengthened ties with the Finnish Centre for Artificial Intelligence community and AI Sweden.

Strengthening European excellence in AI research and innovation is the CLAIRE Oslo Office daily business, and our main task is to strengthen the call for and encourage partnerships between European nations. 

We thank everybody who participated in the launch, and all our attendees for their support! 

CLAIRE Oslo Office Launch Recording

Session 1: Office Launch & Welcome Address

Welcome and introduction by Morten Irgens, Dean of the School of Economics, Innovation, and Technology, and Chief Development Officer (CDO) and co-founder of CLAIRE 


  • Key note: The Minister of Local Government and Modernisation, Nikolai Astrup

  • Keynote: Klas Pettersen, CEO NORA

  • Keynote: Trym Holter, Director at Norwegian Open AI Lab

  • Keynote: Professor Jon Crowcroft, Researcher at Large at the The Alan Turing Institute

Session 2: How can we develop an effective AI innovation ecosystem in Europe?

Moderated by Morten Irgens

  • Jan Bormans, CEO The European Startup Network

  • Anita Schjøll Brede, CEO and co-founder of

  • Ieva Martinkenaite, VP, Analytics & AI at Telenor 

  • Ola Tørudbakken, GM & SVP Systems at GraphCore

  • Yngvar Ugland, Executive Vice President, DNB NewTechLab

Session 3: AI, research and innovation in Europe

Format: Two presentations by two actors (10 min each)

  • Presentation 1: Simula Consulting: Key factors for successful ML projects and companies


  • Presentation 2: The European AI startup landscape: Strengths and challenges. 



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