CLAIRE endorses EU plan for AI, makes 10 key recommendations to the European Commission

The Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe, CLAIRE, the world's largest AI research organisation, has endorsed key elements of the EU Commission's plans for artificial intelligence.

June 15th the public consultation on the European Commission's ambitious plan for “A Europe fit for the digital age”, presented in February, closed. The Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe, CLAIRE, the world's largest AI research organisation, has endorsed key elements of the Commission's plans for artificial intelligence. 

– The plans and action outlined in the European Commission's white paper on AI are closely aligned with the vision for European excellence in AI pursued by CLAIRE since June 2018, says Prof. Philipp Slusallek, scientific director at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and co-initiator of CLAIRE.

– In particular, the concept of a CERN-inspired lighthouse centre that will bring together top researchers from across Europe and around the world has a lot of potential. Done right, this will become a global attractor of talent and a symbol for European excellence in human-centred AI.

– The white paper offers a compelling blueprint, adds Holger Hoos, Professor of Machine Learning at Leiden University, The Netherlands, and Chairman of the Board of CLAIRE. – Now, important details need to be filled in, for example on how to balance supporting excellence within the European AI ecosystem along with a broader network, whose members are of key importance for reaching critical mass and ensuring global impact.

Towards this goal, CLAIRE has produced a detailed response to the European Commission,which is now publically available at: h​ttp://​.

– At the heart of our response are 10 key recommendations we make to the European Commission, says Dr. Morten Irgens from Oslo Metropolitan University, co-founder of CLAIRE.
– Our recommendations cover all aspects of the Commission's plan; they call for immediate action that will help to ensure Europe's competitiveness in AI research and innovation, to position Europe as a leading player in AI technologies that will define our lives.

These recommendations have been shaped and scrutinised by CLAIRE's network of 375 research groups and organisations, which jointly employ over 21000 AI researchers and support staff across all of Europe and beyond, as well as by CLAIRE's International Advisory Board, whose members include globally recognised leaders in artificial intelligence, larger-scale research infrastructures and public administration (see​).

– The Commission's white paper represents a major step towards the kind of AI ecosystem Europe needs to stay globally competitive, says Prof. Ana Paiva of the University of Lisbon, Portugal, and one of the authors of CLAIRE's response.
– Our recommendations outline some crucial next steps in realising the Commission's ambitious plan, which aligns remarkably well with the vision pursued by the European AI community organised in CLAIRE. This is one of the rare cases where bottom-up and top-down initiatives link up to generate strong momentum. Let's make the best use of this!

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