NORA.startup - a national consortium for AI innovation

One of NORA’s most ambitious initiatives – NORA.startup – is growing. Through cooperation between academia, incubators and startup companies NORA.startup is building a national innovation network for research-based innovation.

A digital kick-off will be held 29th September. Save the date and join us!

Membership applications and registration for NORA.startup is now open. Please apply here.

Building a national innovation arena
The main goal of NORA.startup is to build a knowledge-based innovation arena that facilitates networking and collaboration opportunities across the research and the startup community in Norway within artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics. 

- NORA.startup will become a national, knowledge-intensive innovation environment, uniting Norway’s best forces from academia, startup companies and incubators. We will build an expert network within AI innovation and we will require a high degree of AI expertise for startup companies to become a member. I am happy to see that all of NORA’s partners, the best incubators and many of the best startup companies in this field embrace this initiative! A special thanks to Christian Bjerke and Freyja Jørgensen in Gründergarasjen who initiated the process and worked hard together with us to establish this network, says NORA’s CEO, Klas H. Pettersen.


Need for collaboration 
The purpose of NORA is to strengthen Norwegian research and education within artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics, as well as other relevant research that supports the development of artificial intelligence applications. Focusing on research based innovation as well as traditional research is crucial to such development, and also an important part of NORA’s recently published strategy. NORA.startup is right in the centre of NORA’s purpose and mission. NORA researchers have teamed up with startup companies and incubators such as, StartUpLab, VIS Innovasjon and Gründergarasjen.


Freyja Jørgensen is Innovation manager at Gründergarasjen and leader of NORA.startup's steering group. Photo: Simula

- There is a huge potential in well established collaborations between academia and startups with an ambition to combine research and business. It is however not always easy to find such possibilities and get in touch with the right people. NORA.startup will facilitate interaction and dialogue between the two mentioned groups on a national basis, hence contributing to making this gap smaller. NORA.startup’s strength is that it is a networking arena for and by both the research and startup community, and we are happy to be working with a steering group representing academia, incubators and startups. This gives us a unique position to understand the challenges especially startups within this field face, and not least give our contribution to try to solve these issues, says Freyja Jørgensen, Innovation Manager at Gründergarasjen. 


Targeting startup companies

Anita Brede på en scene
Anita Schjøll Brede is CEO and Co-founder of and member of NORA.startup's steering group.

- NORA.startup is a network that caters exclusively to AI startups who are actually part of pushing the field forward, who do their own or collaborative fundamental research and who solve AI challenges that have not been solved yet. Getting some of the AI hype and buzzwords out of the way first in order to connect with collaboration opportunities, sharing of expertise, financial benefits, customized events, visibility and a quality stamp are important reasons why we decided to get involved, says Anita Schjøll Brede, CEO and Co-Founder of

NORA.startup’s main target group is Norwegian start-up companies which develop technological solutions of their own in machine learning, artificial intelligence, or robotics and which also focus on research and development projects. In addition, researchers and students in this field who are interested in start-up companies, collaboration with entrepreneurs and commercialization of technological solutions are welcome to join NORA.startup. 

Incubators and clusters working with companies in this field, which have members with a high degree of expertise, and experience in research and development projects, can also contact NORA.startup. The same goes for businesses or investors concerned with technological solutions and collaboration within the mentioned fields. For more information about NORA.startup, target group and why you should join, please visit NORA’s webpage.

Sondre Pedersen is Program manager Data Science Lab at StartupLab and member of NORA.startup's steering group.

- NORA.startup is an important national initiative and a great supplement to our own Data Science Lab program at StartupLab. NORA.startup will be a driving force for expertise and technology development, helping and connecting Norwegian AI startups to NORA’s research partners. Through this, enabling more success stories within the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics, says Sondre Malde Pedersen, Program Manager at StartupLab.


One of several initiatives
NORA.startup is one of several initiatives within NORA. NORA is also in the process of establishing a Research School, as well as organizing events and much more, all in an effort to strengthen Norwegian research and education within artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics.

Morten Goodwin is Associate Professor at University of Agder and member of NORA.startup's steering group.

- NORA is in the process of starting a Research School within artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics. NORA.startup is a great supplement to that, and will contribute to supporting research, innovation and technological development from a different and practical point of view. It’s about making sure that ideas don’t just stay ideas, but become reality and can contribute positively to people’s lives, says Morten Goodwin, Associate Professor at University of Agder.


Join us for the launch!
A steering group with representation from the NORA Secretariat, Gründergarasjen / Simula, Boost AI,, VIS Innovasjon, StartupLab, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, University of Agder, and NORCE have for the past months been working on the scope and activities of NORA.startup. This will culminate in a digital kick-off 29th September. 

We invite all interested parties within the mentioned field, such as startup companies, entrepreneurs, researchers, students, incubators, clusters, businesses, investors and others who meet our criteria to join us at the digital kickoff. At the kickoff, you will get a unique insight into NORA and NORA.startup and what we are working for. You will also get the opportunity to participate in an open dialogue on challenges, needs and possibilities facing the startup community in Norway and the intersection between startups and research, within artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics, and how NORA.startup might support and help you on these issues in the future. Please register for the kick-off here.

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