NORA annual conference 2021 – An AI event not to be missed

Join us for the first and inaugural NORA Annual Conference, which will take place at Grand Bergen, November 17th and 18th, 2021! The conference aims to gather the Norwegian research community within the field of Artificial Intelligence. The registration deadline is approaching, so don’t forget to register your participation! Follow this link to register!

NORA Annual Conference

The conference will create a platform where invited speakers and participants can share research, ideas, theories, models and new perspectives, and interact with peers from the field. Knowledge sharing and interaction will be at the center of the conference, which will in turn foster a strong community of researchers and practitioners, while bridging the gap between young researchers, startups and industry.

Who can participate?

All researchers from NORA universities, research institutes and university colleges are invited to participate at the NORA Annual Conference. We also extend warm invitations to representatives from industry and the public sector. Representatives who do not represent NORA-Partners but who have an affiliation with Norwegian AI, machine learning and robotics community can also participate. 


The NORA Annual Conference program committee has worked intensely to put together an exciting and relevant program. The program includes Keynotes by Professor Danica Kragic (KTH Royal Institute of Technology) and Professor Ian Horrocks (University of Oxford). The program will be divided into four tracks with presentations from experienced and young researchers representing different topics, such as Robotics and Image Processing, Explainable AI & Time Series, Deep Learning and NLP and Graphic Models and Miscellaneous. Furthermore, there will be project and poster presentations, panel discussions, social interaction, mingling and much more. 

There will also be a segment where NORA.startup companies are invited to present their work within the field of AI, machine learning and robotics.

This conference is a unique opportunity for everybody interested in AI, machine learning and robotics in Norway. You can attend the conference to be updated on the latest research, meet other fellow researchers, and get to opportunity to broaden your network, says NORA’s CEO Klas H. Pettersen.


For more information about the program and registration, please follow this link.

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