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The progress we have seen in artificial intelligence (AI) over the last decade has been impressive, but it is not sustainable, neither in an environmental, social or economical sense. It is still possible to adjust the path, because recent research towards more human inspired AI indicates that AI can become both more sustainable as well as more efficient. However, more human-like AI also brings ethical challenges that society must address, today. 

Maskinlæringsgruppa ved UiT har fått 12 millioner kroner fra Norges forskningsråd til et  prosjekt på banebrytende grunnforskning innen maskinlæring. Prosjektet har spesielt fokus på analyser av medisinske bilder.

Imagine writing an article about AI every day for 500 days continuously. That is what NORAs latest employee, Alex Moltzau, has done. A champion of collaboration and an AI enthusiast at heart, Alex is on a mission to make AI work for the good of the society. 

Reaching another milestone for NORA, the ambitious NORA.startup initiative was officially launched through a digital kick-off on 29th September. NORA.startup will be a gateway to greater cooperation between academia, incubators and startup companies in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics.