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In these challenging times caused by the worldwide outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, CLAIRE - Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe, wants to give its contribution to European countries that are struggling with the situation. For this purpose, CLAIRE has established a COVID-19 Taskforce.

In the historic surroundings of Tøyen Hovedgård, NORA arranged its first PhD Symposium on 25th and 26thFebruary. The PhD Symposium was two-day lunch to lunch event about AI-related topics for PhD students; followed by an informal dinner and a social event.  The event also marked start of the NORA Research School.

Syv norske universiteter og to forskningsorganisasjoner har gått sammen i en felles satsing på kunstig intelligens. Han som leder satsingen skriver om hvordan kunstig intelligens oppdager kreft, om hvordan den preger din opplevelse av internett og om hvorfor den kan diskriminere kvinner og fargede.

The world's largest network for artificial intelligence research, set up by experts across all of Europe, complements the new European Commission's focus on human-centred, trustworthy AI, aiming to create critical mass for AI made in Europe. Exactly for that purpose, the Confederation of Laboratories for AI Research in Europe (CLAIRE) was established.

Bilde av Ivan

In November, Ivan Dragicevic joined NORA as a research coordinator. With Ivan on the team, NORA will be better positioned to support the NORA partner’s quest for strengthening research and education in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics.

ICDL-EpiRob is a unique conference that gathers scientists and researchers from computer science, robotics, psychology and developmental studies to share knowledge and research on how humans develop sensing, reasoning and actions. This year the Robotics and Intelligent Systems (ROBIN) research group at University of Oslo (UiO) organised and hosted the conference.

With an estimated 75.000 visitors, Arendalsuka is by far Norway’s largest political meeting place. In collaboration with University of Agder (UiA), NORA was able to put Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the agenda at Arendalsuka with the seminar Artificial Intelligence in the health sector: Key to a longer life, but…? Minister of Digitalisation Nikolai Astrup was one of the keynote speakers.


Exciting job opportunity at NORA as research coordinator. 

At NORA, there is currently a very exciting job opportunity available as research coordinator with responsibility for research administrative tasks and international work. The position will cover a wide range of tasks, both domestically and internationally.