“AI in Big Science” and Other Daunting Topics at the 49th NORDTEK Conference

The chair of the UiA organizing committee, Professor Christian Omlin, guarantees an exciting line-up of highly acclaimed AI researchers to appear on screen for the virtual event on June 8.

AI Professors at CAIR, Christian Omlin, Ole-Christoffer Granmo, Morten Goodwin welcome AI enthusiasts all over the world to Campus Grimstad

- Many areas and disciplines are represented. Elaborating on the daunting topic of “AI in Big Science”, we are excited to welcome a distinguished speaker from CERN in Geneva. The University of Helsinki is taking on “AI and Creativity”, an educational and exhilarating presentation by one of their top AI researchers.  Sharing her insights on the future of AI, we are thrilled to welcome a professional futurist from The Futures Lab. The 2021 NORDTEK virtual Conference sets the stage for a day of education, excitement, and entertainment, to culminate in a panel discussion in the afternoon, says professor Omlin.

Rectors, deans, researchers, teachers, university administrators, and students from 30 technical universities in the Nordics and the Baltics are to immerse in Artificial Intelligence as the 49th NORDTEK conference kicks off virtually from the Grimstad campus on June 8.

UiA Proud Host with a Twist

- Artificial Intelligence is one of six prioritized research areas at UiA, and we are proud to welcome more than one hundred colleagues from our esteemed partners in the Nordics and the Baltics to fully engross virtually on AI as “A Catalyst for Co-Creation, Innovation and Disruption”. 

The conference is free and accessible for everybody, so we extend this invitation to industry, other stakeholders, and friends to take part in a full day event on a captivating and engaging topic, hosted by the Faculty of Engineering and Science, says Rector Sunniva Whittaker.

Three excellent students from UiA’s Multimedia and Educational Technology bachelor’s program have accepted the challenge to conceptualize, plan, and stage the 49th virtual NORDTEK conference that will ultimately become their “final exam” on June 8.

- We look forward to the NORDTEK conference for many reasons, for one I am curious to see what separates a conference created by UiA students from all other virtual conferences and meetings I have attended in the last 12 months, says UiA’s Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Science, Michael Rygaard Hansen. Dean Hansen is happy to finally welcome the NORDTEK organization to Grimstad, as last year’s conference was suspended due to Covid-19. 

The NORDTEK Network

- Using our long common history, the mission of the NORDTEK network is to strengthen the advances of Engineering Sciences and their applications to our societies through cooperation. We do this by focusing on Engineering Education, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Mobility, says NORDTEK President Johan Tysk, Vice-rector at Uppsala University, and the first NORDTEK speaker to kick off the Conference on June 8.

- The Nordic-Baltic region share a long history dating back to the era of the Hanseatic League, with technological improvements playing a large role in all our countries, elaborates Johan Tysk.

For more information about the NORTEK 2021 conference, and to register, click here

Registration deadline: Sunday June 6th at 18:00

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