A message from the CEO, Klas Pettersen.

In the background, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong’s version of the song Summertime is accompanying this writing. An important part of the human mind is the ability to associate in more or less intelligent ways. For this particular instance of mind, the association swiftly runs like wild horses through the cotton fields, then it is back on track, writing this piece about NORA and AI, but now with summertime in the title.

The NORA Annual Awards awards are given to recognise exceptional efforts of individuals and actors in the Norwegian AI community throughout the year. We congratulate each winner!

As an early-career researcher in AI, you might be interested in joining a European network for master, Ph.D., and postdoc researchers in AI. Then, CLAIRE Rising Researchers Network (in short R2Network) is the perfect network for you!

The year could not have started better for the AI community in Norway. NORA’s application to create a national research school in AI, Machine Learning and Robotics has been funded by The Research Council of Norway under the call “Research School for Quality and Relevance” for a maximum of eight years. In addition to the NORA partners, the research school will benefit industry and public sector. Cathrine Pihl Lyngstad, director of Data and AI at NAV, will be the chair of the board. 

Being NORA’s CEO is pretty much like being Santa Claus. I am the lucky one getting a lot of positive attention for delivering nice presents to the AI community, while all the helpers who really have done the hard work are less visible. The AI researchers, educators and innovators of the NORA network are the ones producing the presents that I often have the pleasure of providing to the community. You are the one making AI research, innovation and education available to us all. The level of engagement and dedication from the community has far surpassed my expectations. So, when I am now able to say that 2021 has been no less than a fantastic year for NORA, it is all because of the contributions from you!