NORA Webinar: Towards a less artificial Artificial Intelligence with Stefano Nichele (OsloMet)

Current methods for training AI systems, such as in deep learning, are not biologically plausible. They require tremendous amount of energy and data for training, and they lack explainability. By looking at how the brain works, and how biological neural networks communicate and process information, it may be possible to develop AI systems that are less artificial and more true to biology, and therefore closer to replicating some of the key features of animal brains.

In this presentation, Stefano Nichele will discuss ongoing research using in-vitro biological neural network recordings, and novel bio-inspired AI models and substrates.

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About Stefano Nichele

Stefano Nichele holds a PhD in Computer Science from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Currently, he is Associate Professor at the Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet) and Adjunct Research Scientist at Simula Metropolitan (SimulaMet). Nichele is affiliated with the OsloMet AI Lab, a research centre in Oslo that focuses on basic and applied research in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Nichele leads the Living Technology Lab, where he studies neuro- and bio-inspired artificial intelligence through artificial life, complex systems and neuroscience. Nichele is one of the recipients of the Young Research Talents award 2019 from the Research Council of Norway. Read more about Stefano Nichele and his Living Technology Lab here 

Published Jan. 5, 2021 1:54 AM - Last modified Jan. 5, 2021 1:54 AM