NORA Webinar: NordSTAR a new center for sustainable and trustworthy AI in Norway

In this talk Anis Yazidi and Pedro Lind will present an overview of NordSTAR, our new Nordic Center for Sustainable and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence Research at OsloMet. NordSTAR focuses on establishing and developing a new paradigm in Artificial Intelligence (AI) basic research, which we call Sustainable and Trustworthy AI.  Yazidi and Lind will argue that this paradigm will enable the development of new design principles for AI tools, which are sustainable and trustworthy by design. Moreover, they will describe in some detail the composition of NordSTAR in its five research groups: Security and Reliability, Explainable AI, Human factors in AI, Biologically-inspired Computational Systems and Quantum AI. Finally we will share the main steps for developing this academic environment in the next years.

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About Anis Yazidi

Anis Yazidi received  the M.Sc.  and  Ph.D.  degrees  from  the  University  of Agder,   Grimstad,   Norway,   in   2008   and   2012, respectively. He was a Senior Researcher with NORCE, Norway. From 2014  to  2019, he was  an  Associate  Professor with  the  Department  of  Computer  Science,  Oslo Metropolitan  University,  Oslo, Norway, where he is currently  a Full  Professor and  leading  the Research  Group  in  Applied  Artificial  Intelligence.  He has published over 150 research articles including 60 journal papers and was ranked among the top 50 most publishing researchers in Norway according to the most recent survey by forskerforum.  He has participated in different EU and RCN projects, and he is leading the AI work package in the EU AI-Mind project. He is also co-coordinating the Excellence Academic Environment NordSTAR at OsloMet.
He  holds a  Professor  II  position with  the  Norwegian  University  of  Science  and  Technology  (NTNU),  Trondheim,  Norway and he is Senior Researcher at Oslo University Hospital.  


About Pedro Lind

Pedro Lind works statistical and mathematical models and their implementation and applications to health, engineering and society. Since 2019 he is professor of scientific computing at Oslo Metropolitan University, being previously in Germany, at University of Osnabrueck as "Privat Dozent" and at University of Oldenburg as researcher. He holds a PhD in Mathematical-Physics and an "Habilitation" in theoretical physics (Stochastic Modelling in Physics and Interdisciplinary Applications). Conducting supervision activities with PhDs and MSc students in AI-related topics such as intelligence health, agent modelling of disease spreading, complex networks and critical phenomena, he authored and co-authored more than 70 publications indexed in WOS with over 1100 citations, and counts more than 200 talks and seminars  in international conferences and in universities around the world. Since January 2021 is coordinating the Excellence Academic Environment
NordSTAR at OsloMet.

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