NORA/NAIL Webinar: Building trust in autonomous mobility systems

Welcome to this webinar, where Øyvind Smogeli will join us to talk about how to build trust in autonomous mobility systems.

Øyvind Smogeli is CTO and Co-founder at Zeabuz. He also holds a position as adjunct professor at the Department of Marine Technology.

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Cities are growing at a high rate all over the world, and zero-emission smart mobility solutions is in high and increasing global demand. Autonomous mobility systems hold a great promise to deliver on this need to and provide sustainable, efficient and democratic transportation for all. However, systems like the autonomous Zeabuz urban ferry are highly complex cyber-physical machines, relying on advanced algorithms, sophisticated sensors, control systems in many layers, connectivity and data management. How can we build the necessary trust in these complex systems? A wide range of stakeholders, including passengers, authorities, mobility operators, municipalities and insurance companies, need proof that such systems are safe, sustainable and trustworthy. To achieve this, we need to approach assurance in a new way, and mature a fit-for purpose set of methods, processes and tools. This presentation briefly introduces the Zeabuz mobility system, dives into the assurance challenges we are facing, presents a preliminary assurance “toolbox” and gives examples from our own assurance scope and simulation-based testing.


About Øyvind:  

Øyvind received his PhD from NTNU in 2006, and has spent his career working on modeling, simulation, testing and verification, complex cyber-physical systems and assurance of digital technologies. He has previously held positions as CTO, COO and CEO of Marine Cybernetics and as Research Program Director for Digital Assurance in DNV. He is currently the CTO and co-founder of Zeabuz, and Adjunct Professor at NTNU.

Klas Pettersen (CEO, NORA) and Trym Holter (Director, NAIL) will lead the webinar.

  • Date: 7th of May
  • Time: 14:00-15:00
Published Apr. 29, 2021 4:29 PM - Last modified May 5, 2021 1:58 AM