NORA.startup webinar: AI startup stories

In this week's NORA.startup webinar, you will meet some of NORA.startup's members. Bergen Robotics develops and sells systems based on their AutoSENSOR platform and their main application is currently autonomous imaging of power line infrastructure and components using edge AI in drones and helicopters. While the startup Vake is building a tool to enhance maritime safety and transparency by extracting insight from satellite data.Bergen Robotics and Vake will present themselves and share some of their experiences on how to build an AI startup in Norway, and which typical pitfalls to avoid. 

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Registration for webinar 

In addition, we have invited Freyja Jørgensen, innovation Manager at Simula and leader of the NORA.startup steering group, to give us a short reminder of what NORA.startup is and a new years update. 

We'll end the webinar with a plenary discussion on common interests, synergies, challenges and possibilities, and ideas on the matter, and how we might get better at helping each other. So tune in if you are a startup or planning on building one and wish to learn from other like minded entrepreneurs, or a researcher, student or investor curious to get in touch with some of Norway's most promising AI startups.


Read more about NORA.startup at, and don't forget to apply for membership if you meet the criteria.

Published Jan. 26, 2021 6:19 PM - Last modified Jan. 26, 2021 6:20 PM