NORA.startup #17: Student-Startup Collaborations - Accelerating Innovation

Curious to know more about student-startup collaborations? Join our next NORA.startup webinar, hosted in collaboration with Norwegian Open AI Lab. 

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Curious to know more about student-startup collaborations? Students are an essential talent for innovation and startups, and startups provide a critical domain for students. By working with startups, students can gain unique experiences, which are also very attractive to spice up any CV. In this webinar, we will explore different examples and cases of student-startup collaborations, and hear perspectives from students who have worked with startups and startups who have hired and worked with students. 


We will discuss 

  • What types of student-startup collaborations exist?

  • How can you reach out to startups for collaboration?

  • What student/startup organisations exist? Are there any platforms that exist to facilitate such collaboration?

  • What value can students bring to startups? 

  • What value and experience do students get from working with startups?

About the participants: 

Luca Oggiano - CEO and co-founder, Nabla Flow 

CO-founder and CEO of Nabla Flow, Luca has a background in aerospace engineering , holds a PhD in sports aerodynamics and comes from the professional sports world, in which has been helping to success athletes from the Norwegian Federations and from the professional cycling team Ineos Grenadiers (former Team Sky), now through Nabla Flow. Wave surfer with a strong connection to the ocean and the environment, Luca has also worked for the past 10years with generating research (national and international) projects to help the Norwegian green transition from oil&gas to offshore wind, and applying knowledge to push the boundaries of the surfing industry by implementing CFD (computational fluid dynamics) methods to surfboard design. Luca is currently leading Nabla Flow and working on twisting the way aerodynamics is applied to a number of fields, from urban pedestrian comfort to drone paths, from high performance sports to wind energy, from product design to surfboard design with the help of AI

Jørgen Farner, AI Makerspace

Jørgen Farner is a master student at OsloMet currently part of the ACIT program with a specialization in artificial intelligence. He is currently working on his master thesis which involves exploring models that leverage delay learning in recurrent spiking neural networks. He is also part of the student-driven organization AI-Makerspace, which provides AI-related events to the students at OsloMet. Jørgen has previously completed a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering at OsloMet and a bachelor’s degree in mechatronics engineering at UiA. Outside of school his interests include hiking and sailing.

Lene Diesen, CEO, Semine AS

Lene Diesen works with one of the most rapidly growing AI startups in Norway, namely Semine AS, a Norwegian AI platform for the automation of accounting. Semine hired Lene Diesen in 2019 as the new CEO and she comes from the position of COO and Deputy CEO of Microsoft Norway. Diesen has previously held several leadership roles in Tieto / Software Innovation. The AI ​​robot SEMINE automates invoices and invoice management for companies, accounting agencies and public companies. Diesen has over 10 years of experience in the IT industry, with both national and international leadership responsibilities. As a CEO leading the way in one of the most promising AI startups in Norway one has to take notice of Diesen in the Norwegian AI ecosystem.

Gustavo Mello

Kristoffer Gjerde

Kristoffer Gjerde is the leader of BRAIN NTNU and a Computer Science major specializing in artificial intelligence at NTNU in Trondheim. He has earlier had internships in Equinor, Cisco, and Cognite where he worked on the remote control and autonomy of Boston Dynamics' Spot robot for use in the industry. Currently, he is working as a part-time Machine Learning Engineer at NablaFlow where he also wrote his master thesis on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations and wind flow assessment using Generative Adversarial Networks in collaboration with Norwegian Open AI Lab

Trym Holter, Director of the Norwegian Open AI Lab

Moderator: Morten Goodwin - Professor, University in Agder

Morten Goodwin received the B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from the University of Agder, Norway, in 2003 and 2005, respectively, and the Ph.D. degree from Aalborg University Department of Computer Science, Denmark, in 2011, on applying machine learning algorithms on eGovernment indicators which are difficult to measure automatically. 

He is a Professor with the Department of ICT, the University of Agder, deputy director for Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research, a public speaker, author, and an active researcher. 

His main research interests include machine learning, including swarm intelligence, deep learning, and adaptive learning in medicine, games, and chatbots. He has more than 100 peer reviews of scientific publications. He has supervised more than 110 student projects, including Master and Ph. D. theses within these topics, and more than 90 popular science public speaking events, mostly in Artificial Intelligence, and recently authored the popular science book “AI. Myten om maskinene»


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Published June 10, 2021 9:26 AM - Last modified June 18, 2021 8:40 AM