NORA.startup webinar #24: Women in AI

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In NORA, we actively strive to improve the position of and increase the visibility of women within the field of AI. By increasing the visibility of women actively contributing in the field of AI in Norway, we aim to inspire a more inclusive agenda within the otherwise male-dominated field of AI, to ensure equality for future generations. Our goal is to bring awareness by promoting female role models, and by portraying the breadth of opportunities for AI in society at large. During this NORA.startup webinar, we will bring together representatives from startups and research to address the gender disparity in tech startups and research and discuss initiatives to ensure inclusivity and diversity in AI for the future. 


Inga Strümke - Postdoctoral Researcher, NTNU

If you are interested in artificial intelligence in Norway, it is highly likely that you have seen Inga in a public debate about AI or read one of her many opinion articles in different newspapers. Inga has a PhD in particle physics, previously worked on algorithm auditing at PwC, and is currently a postdoctoral researcher on explainable AI at Simula Metropolitan Center. She received the University of Bergen’s outreach price in 2019, and was awarded “One of Norways 50 leading women in tech 2020″. She is an international keynote and TedX speaker, addressing understanding, AI ethics and the potential impact of data analysis on society. On the one year anniversary of the Norwegian national strategy, Strümke was invited by the AI networks of Norway to discuss the status of AI in Norway today, where she highlighted the importance of fundamental research and diversity in AI.

Marit Rødevand - Co-founder and CEO of Strise

Marit Rødevand holds a master’s degree in Engineering Cybernetics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). She currently runs, a platform set up to make better and faster business to business decisions with artificial intelligence, you can see this video to learn more about their solution. She also co-founded Rendra AS, focused on software as a service (SaaS) for the construction industry, which was acquired by JDM Technology Group. In addition to this she has experience from NTNU Technology Transfer AS, the technology transfer office at NTNU. Rødevand is a prominent entrepreneur in the Norwegian startup ecosystem and the leader of an exciting company utilising AI for companies in their business processes.

Mia Ryan - Manager Analytics and Data Platforms, Redpill Linpro Analytics

Mia has worked with business development and sales of analysis, AI and machine learning services since 2014, specially in the fields of Fintech and Proptech. She is country manager of Redpill Linpros Analytics, a subsidiary of the leading Open Source service provider in the Nordics, Redpill Linpro. Her main focus is consultancy services on data platform development, setting up modern data stacks to further enable Data Scientists and other analytics stakeholders. She is also a Women in Data Science 2022 ambassador, and will contribute to several events to empower and recruit more women in the field of analytics in the year to come. 

Heidi Dahl - Moderator

Heidi Dahl is a visible personality in Oslo in part due to her engagement with Tekna – The Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals where she is the leader of Tekna Big Data. As well as her continued engagement with Women in Data Science Oslo. She holds a PhD from the University of Oslo in Geometry for Computer Aided Design. She has been leading SINTEF Digital's Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence activities in four projects in Industry 4.0. In this sense she is both practically involved with some of the large projects within artificial intelligence in Norway and contributing to bring more people from different backgrounds into the industry. As a champion of sharing knowledge and a champion of women in data science it is not an exaggeration to say that Dahl may very well be one of the most important people in the field of artificial intelligence in Norway.

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