NORA.startup webinar #22: AI Startup Stories

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In this week's NORA.startup webinar, you will meet some of NORA.startup's members., Syngens and Findable will present themselves and share some of their experiences on how to become a successful AI startup, possibilities, and which typical pitfalls to avoid. We'll end the webinar with a plenary discussion on common interests, synergies and ideas, and how we might get better at helping each other. So tune in if you are a startup or planning on launching one and wish to learn from other like minded entrepreneurs.


Gro Merethe Johnsrud, CEO and Co-founder of Propell.AI

Gro Merethe is the CEO and Co-founder of Propell.AI. She drives the strategic partnership with VIC.AI, the most successful norwegian AI startup in automation accounting. Vic.AI is founded by Norwegians and with strong backing from premium Silicon Valley VCs. We have a strong customer base across the US and Nordics. We will automate up to 95% of incoming invoices for accounting agencies and enterprise customers in private, state and public sector.

With more than 20 years of experience from the tech industry, Gro Merethe combines a long career in the industry with a genuine passion for technology and the people involved and her customers! 

She has had leading roles in large companies such as Storebrand, If, Capgemini, Itera, Bluegarden and Visma. At Visma, Gro Merethe  was sales director and responsible for all of the companies within the Enterprise division for state and private sector. She has worked with some of the largest healthcare companies, banking, finance and insurance, universities, municipalities, and other businesses within the private sector. 

As the co-founder and CEO of, she is eager to make Propell’s one-of-a-kind, innovative technology known across the Nordics, and together with clients, make changes for today, with solutions for the future.


Findable offer a cloud-based service that uses artificial intelligence to read, understand and automatically sort building documentation.

Making our buildings last longer is one of the best climate action for the CRE industry and building documentation is the number 1 bottleneck for reuse of products and materials.

The team has a deep technical expertise in artificial intelligence combined with a background from the real estate industry. Several public and private actors now use Findable’s services. If this is interesting for you too, get in touch for more information

  • Sondre Pedersen


Syngens is a DNA design company that integrates AI into BioTech to rationally design DNA sequences for bio-based industry. Syngens was founded in 2020 and is based in Trondheim.

Rahmi Lale and Gurinder Singh Dahiya are both the co-founders of Syngens AS.

  • Rahmi Lale, CEO

Rahmi Lale is a molecular biologist by training. He is working as an Adj. Assoc. Prof. / Senior researcher at the NTNU Department of Biotechnology. He is leading an interdisciplinary lab operating within the fields of biophysics, computational and synthetic biology. His main research focus is both understanding and controlling transcriptional and translational processes in a wide range of microorganisms.

  • Gurvinder Singh Dahiya, CTO

Gurvinder Dahiya works with AI and cloud services. He develops AI algorithms to design context-dependent DNA sequences. He has experience from leading technical teams and building products using machine learning, big data and cloud services.


Moderated by Alex Moltzau 

Alex Moltzau works with AI policy and ethics at NORA. He works to provide an overview of national and international policies relating to the field of artificial intelligence. Within this he has developed and coordinated the network map for the Confederation of Laboratories for

Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe (CLAIRE), mapped out PhD-level courses and is currently working on the AI research database. Furthermore, Alex assists in developing and coordinating the Nordic AI young researcher symposium. In addition to this he has a background from consulting in KPMG, starting up several organisations, and as the project leader of a coworking space in Oslo. His educational background is within social data science combining insight from social theories with data science techniques.

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