NORA.startup webinar #19: When AI Meets Law

Are you curious about AI and Law? 

During this NORA.startup webinar, we will delve into the fast-developing world of Law and AI. We will learn more about how AI is transforming legal practices and the nature of legal research.

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AI is at a rapid pace being implemented in legal services, such as for instance to ensure fair and correct billing, drafting legal documents and in data analysis. However, in the field of AI and law, there are – as in every field – certain ethical and practical challenges to overcome, such as for instance accountability, discrimination and unfair practice. However, the opportunities and possibilities are also abundant, and legal technology can help empower legal practices, legal research and enhance the capabilities of lawyers. You will meet Vito De Lucia from Lexploria, Merete Nygaard from Lexolve and Rebecca Schmidt, Postdoctoral Researcher at UiO who will introduce and discuss the opportunities and potential challenges within the field of AI and Law in Norway.

Based on practical experience from Norwegian legal startups, we will aim to answer the following questions: 

  • How is AI changing the landscape of law in Norway?

  • How can AI and legal tech empower the practice and administration of law in Norway? 

  • What does AI in law mean for different contexts, such as for acquiring legal help, IPR and legal research?

  • How is AI & Law addressed in the new AI Regulation proposed by the EU Commission, and what guidelines can we infer?

Moderator(s): Morten Goodwin


Merete Nygaard Lexolve, CEO & Founder of Lawbotics, Initiator of Oslo Legal Tech

Merete Nygaard started up Lawbotics after a decade of working for established law firms. During this time she had been servicing technology companies through her legal practice. Lawbotics has a cloud service called Lexolve that aims to close the gap between legal knowledge and legal needs. She recently received 13,7 million NOK in investment in her company mainly to develop an artificial intelligence tool. Through her work she aims to reduce the cost of legal help and give small and medium enterprises an affordable way to solve their legal needs. In this sense the broader goal is to ‘democratize law’. She also helped initiate Oslo Legal Tech to create a platform for technologists and lawyers to collaborate, enabling more hands-on experience within this area.


Vito De Lucia - Founder, Lexploria & Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law of UiT 

Vito De Lucia, PhD, is an Professor at the Faculty of Law of UiT – Arctic University of Norway. Vito has also a significant past in IT, having been involved in different roles in successful startups such as Zoomit and Kelkoo. Vito has also worked for Yahoo (who acquired Kelkoo in 2004 for the then record sum of $576 millions), where he was Director of User Experience and Design for the Commerce properties for Europe, and Opera Software.


Rebecca Schmidt, Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Oslo

Rebecca is a member of the VIROS project (Vulnerability in the Robot Society) at the University of Oslo. In her research she explores the interplay between public and private regulation in the fields of AI and robotics. Her main focus is on EU-level legislation as well as on international technical standards, industry codes and best practices.

Rebecca obtained a PhD from the European University Institute and an LLM in International and Legal Studies from New York University. Before starting her current position, she was an assistant professor in law at the School of Law and Government at Dublin City University. She has published in international outlets such as the European Journal of International Law and the European Law Review. Her monograph 'Regulatory Integration across Borders' is published with Cambridge University Press.

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Published Aug. 20, 2021 9:57 AM - Last modified Aug. 20, 2021 9:57 AM