NORA.startup #18: AI Startup Stories

During this NORA.startup webinar, you will meet some of NORA.startup's members. Smart Inspection, Neddy and Disputas will present themselves and share some of their experiences on how to become a successful AI startup, possibilities, and which typical pitfalls to avoid. We'll end the webinar with a plenary discussion on common interests, synergies and ideas, and how we might get better at helping each other. So tune in if you are a startup or planning on launching one and wish to learn from other like minded entrepreneurs.

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About the startups 

Smart Inspection, Erik Trædal, CTO

Since we started in 2016, we have been motivated by pushing the boundaries of how technologies and methods can be discovered, used and developed into new solutions that make our customers market leaders. A separate department within geomatics - has given us domain knowledge that owners of infrastructure, roads, contractors and consulting companies have had and will continue to enjoy greatly in the future. We want to inspire and teach other customers and industries about new technological opportunities, build innovative software and operate these.

Technically - we have a lot of knowledge in large parts of the value chain - from Data capture - EDGE Computing - Big data - AI - Integration - Mechatronics and Electronics.

Collaboration with others to strengthen our value chain and find good sustainable solutions will be in focus in the future

Neddy, Fredrik Andersen

Neddy is an edtech AI startup, enabling personalized learning for kids in K-12. 

Disputas, Paal Fredrik Skjørten Kvarberg, Co-founder and CEO 

We are currently working to develop an educational platform for active learning in courses with a focus on linguistic analysis. We design the platform in a way such that interaction results in randomised user-generated training data that can be used to address unsolved problems in natural language processing (NLP). We believe that the resources for developing the next generation of AI flows through the educational sector. We develop technologies that engages students through active learning while harvesting the pedagogical efforts expended in the educational sector. Analogously to the way hydropower plants divert the energy of waterfalls to power the electrical grid, we want to divert the intellectual labour of teachers and students towards training machines the same analytical skills we foster in people.

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