NORA Strategic Plan


NORA has developed a strategic plan for 2020–2022. The strategy will help NORA prioritize and struc­ture its work, in order to achieve tasks set by the NORA founders. In the strategy, NORAs ambition, vision, mission and strategic goals are outlined.

NORA’s ambition, vision and mission

NORA’s ambition

Become an internationally known AI research and education network

NORA’s vision

International relevance and excel­lence in AI research, education and innovation for Norwegian universities and research institutions

NORA’s mission

  • Facilitate national and international research cooperation in AI
  • Contribute to greater collaboration between academia and businesses
  • Promote ethical, transparent and inclusive AI
  • Become a national access point for AI competence
  • and infrastructure

Strategic Goals

To achieve excellent AI research and innovation, NORA will:

  • Provide support for and coordinate research applications
  • Create arenas for interaction and cooperation
  • Take an active part in establishing start­up companies in the AI field

To achieve excellent AI education and training, NORA will:

  • Increase focus on AI in education and knowledge development, helping to create the workforce of tomorrow
  • ConductPhD­seminars,conferencesandnetworkingevents
  • Establish a research school in AI, machine learning and robot­ics, supporting graduate students at top international level
  • Increase knowledge about AI in general

To achieve trustbased and transparent use of AI through ethical awareness, NORA will:

  • Contribute to a more responsible and ethical framework for AI both nationally and internationally

  • Promote the use of fair algorithms to correct discrimination and human bias

  • Raise awareness about AI among our partners and in society in general

  • Create NORA as a national brand and trademark in the field of trustworthy AI

To become a leading network for AI, machine learning and robotics, NORA will:

  • Formalise and streamline the cooperation between the NORA­partners
  • Become a prominent hub and research initiator in the Nordic countries
  • Seek international cooperation and cooperation with businesses